The Singapore Wine Fiesta

The Singapore Wine Fiesta, in its 4th year, organised by The Straits Wine Company in partnership with DBS. An event for wine lovers to attend and savor the different grape varieties from all over the world, with more than 40 international wine labels showcasing their collection here during The Singapore Wine Fiesta.

I was invited by Marina Bay Singapore and Singapore Straits Wine Company Pte Ltd, to attend the Singapore Wine Fiesta on Saturday, 29th October 2011 at the Customs House Pavillon. Being a wine lover, appreciative of the different wine varieties and a chance to taste different wines from all over the world! The Customs House Pavillon location is great, facing the Marina Bay, beautiful sceneries of the Marina Bay, waterfront and modern cosmopolitan city.

This was also another social networking and catch up event, great to meet up with the other social media/blogging/tweeple folks again! I also invited Priscilla along to this wine fiesta too for the wine tasting session! There was a special wine tasting and presentation session organised for our group, an eye opener for me, considering I had learned about wine as part of my course subject contents before in my tertiary days. Before the special wine tasting session, we visited the various booths of different wine labels from around the world, there were just so many of them there and it’s hard to choose which wine to try!! It’s a very good situation to be in, a chance to see, taste and view many different wine labels!

It was great to meet with Mr Nicolas, who was there to host our group, letting us taste different vintages and varieties of wine from around the world, sharing tips and knowledge about the different wines he was going around with. While I was happily drinking and tasting, it was a good learning experience for me, that’s something new I learned about wine during the tasting session, it never occurred to me that wine producers would mix more than 2 grapes varieties to produce a wine, however, the French wine makers used more than that and their wine is really good !!

A great wine event! Love the atmosphere, crowds and many different wine labels there at Singapore Wine Fiesta, many thanks to Marina Bay Singapore and Singapore Straits Wine Company Pte Ltd for the invitation!!

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  1. wow you’re so lucky for being invited there!

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