Thoughts & Reflections From The Unguarded Moment

When I was a little boy growing up, my dad was influential, along with my uncles and cousin, introducing me to the world of photography and I recalled “playing” with his Pentax ME Super (not really working now) and later a Nikon F401X (in our little museum), before settling down with the Canon 30D today.

I collected and read National Geographic Magazines, although I had stopped collecting them (Not that I don’t support them, just that, I don’t know how and where to store them !!). There was a photo that caught my attention when I was very young and I still remembered it till today. Yesterday, at the exhibition The Unguarded Moment, on the last day of the exhibition, held at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

I finally saw it right in front of me with my very own eyes, a world class masterpiece that captured many hearts worldwide – The Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry. Viewing through Steve McCurry’s world class photographs, it was amazing, they were so powerful and delivered many different messages across to viewers, intriguing, evoking emotions in the subjects and us viewers, introducing cultural and societal situations, perspectives and practices into our eyes, heart and soul. A true master in photography, looking through his masterpieces, a great learning journey too for me.

Steve was in Singapore recently and I didn’t grab the chance to join the local photographers sessions and meet him in person ! Hopefully, when Steve is back in Singapore again, I would be able to do so. I was very happy that I visited Steve’s The Unguarded Moment photography exhibition on its last day and returning home later, I started researching, reading, admiring and learning Steve McCurry’s sites, photography works and blog.

Steve McCurry on Magnum Photos

Steve McCurry Photography

Steve McCurry’s Blog

Reflecting on how I can learn and improve on my photography, there was a quote abstract by Steve McCurry – “But what matters most is that each picture stands on its own, with its own place and feeling.”

Another little step into improving my photography ………


  1. Author

    Hi Mei Teng,

    I am aiming a 2nd hand EOS 1D MK II, sports & photojournalist DSLR, not full frame though.

    Looking forward to it !

  2. Why not FF? I thought most people would want to upgrade to FF?

    If I upgrade, I want to keep my 450d as a second camera body. Useful to have 2 camera bodies.

  3. Author

    FF is not in my plans currently, more of a preference to have the 1.6x crop or 1.3x crop, added advantage when shooting sports photography from the sidelines.

    Agreed that it would be good to have 2 camera bodies, it will come in very helpful in many photography e.g. events, sports or weddings !

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