Photography Tips to Great Shots – TODAY Paper 17th July

The TODAY Paper, a compact newspaper in Singapore, highly popular with its interesting contents and reports, had a feature report in its Tech page on 17th July 2009, page B7, whereby Trevor Tan, a TODAY photojournalist, traveled to Bali to learn from Magnum Photos’ legendary photographer Abbas.

I read with great interest on the report, do drop by the link here if you like to read the full version of it ! The topic was “Seeing the light” and from the article, there were some great photography tips shared in the report.

Abbas tips from the report were

– “If you know what you are shooting, you don’t need to shoot that much”

– “Taking photographs is easy, but presenting and sequencing them is not”

There were 5 Tips to Great Shots From Abbas

(1) Know what you want to shoot

(2) Be mindful of the placement of the subject

(3) Be patient and wait for the right moment

(4) Walk around to explore new angles

(5) Avoid clutter – less is more

Source : TODAY Paper, 17th July 2009, Page B7

Over the past few days, it was enlightening to learn tips from 2 great photographers, from The Unguarded Moment and TODAY article on “Seeing the Light”. With my sharing here with fellow photography enthusiasts, freelance photographers, photojournalists and photography fans, I hope this would help you to improve and widen your scope and field of photography !


  1. Love to learn new tips everytime.. esp for a noob like me.. 😀 I’m itching to go travelling other countries for shootouts.. Hmm..

  2. Author

    Heh Cashmere

    You not noob, excellent photography skills !

    Yeah, me too, itching to visit other countries for photo shoot !

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