The last week had been a busy time for me, bought my new toy on friday the 13th, it is white and  really beautiful…….

It is a Apple Macbook ! Anyway, still have a lot of things to be done for my macbook……
Nevertheless, it has an awesome program for photographers like me, the iPhoto, simply wonderful, useful and awesome, looking foward to post processing my selected photos for my photography portfolio.
Back to photography, on the weekend 14th June, I was at Vivo City, meeting my clients for a business appointment, after the appointment, I saw that there were a fashion event called Creatively Thai 2008 and stayed back behind to take some photos before hopping over to Esplanade for another segment of the Flipside festival.
Do keep a lookout, would be uploading and writing up about the posts of the interesting events in the next few days.

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