UQAAS Christmas Dinner 2008

On 5th December 2008, a group of fellow graduates from the University of Queensland came together for a Christmas Dinner gathering at the Pariss International Restaurant at Marina Square, organised by the UQAAS. It was a time of gathering and eating, with Mr Loh, gracing the occasion to share about his views on the current economic turmoil and future outlook, overall it was a great insight for everybody there.

Thereafter, there were lots of eating and eating, followed by networking and chatting among the different graduates and guests. Different name cards and topics were exchanged, giving us an indication of future partnerships with companies, vastly experienced business owners, networking with different alumni, tapping on the work and life experiences of people who were willing to share and mentor young graduates.

Moving foward, as we start to enter 2009, let’s make it more fun for all and look foward to more University of Queensland graduates to join us for activities and networking functions. We would love to hear from you and please keep in touch via the following channels


(1) Geraldine Ng (Database Officer) at gnwf@pacific.net.sg / gervera1977@gmail.com

(2) Find us on FACEBOOK!  Search for <UQ Graduates in Singapore>. Be In. Be Heard. Be Informed!

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