Welcome to Halloween Horror Nights 3!!

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Halloween Horror Nights 3!! This promises to be a scary yet very fun and exciting time to visit Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore, located in the heart of Resorts World Singapore, Sentosa Island. I will bring you through the fun, scary, exciting adventures and experiences at Halloween Horror Nights 3!! There will be 3 immersive Scare Zones and 3 Haunted Houses, along with a Halloween Live Rock Musical.

Monster Rock: Halloween Edition (Pantages Theatre)

Do you remember the cartoon/movie Beetlejuice ? He’s coming to Halloween Horror Nights 3 at the Pantages Theatre with his fellow monsters/ghosts friends in this rock-n-roll musical! Featuring modern and classic rock songs packed inside this spectacular musical with lots of dancing and singing, accompanied by pyrotechnics and cutting-edge cinematic technology. This would be a good place to kickstart your Halloween Horror Nights 3 adventure!


ADRIFT (Sound Stage 28)

After the Monster Rock: Halloween Edition, proceed to your first Haunted House titled ADRIFT! A storm-battered ship is found mysteriously adrift after being lost at sea since 1910 (Does the Titanic strikes a bell? Do you think it is the  Titanic?) The crew has vanished, yet there is a very mysterious presence that cannot be explained. This mysterious presence still remains today and it is still lingering around the ship. This ship was thought to have disappeared in the dark depths of the ocean, it didn’t and now the past is now revealed when you step into the ship. As you explore and discover the stories and interiors of the ship, in the eerie darkness, the past is never truly dead and will come alive Just For You!

Do not worry too much! It’s a little bit scary only! It’s fun and exciting! You will definitely walk out of the ship alive and can start to explore the other Haunted Houses and Scare Zones!


Attack of the Vampires (New York) 

The town of Whittemore, once a charming town, it is now a graveyard of pale, fang-bearing living dead. The Daughter of the Undead has turned the rosy-cheeked residents into blood-thirsty Vampires! They are all around, on the streets, in a corner, somewhere out there, scary, silent (sometimes) and ready to consume you! Be careful, walk fast but don’t walk too fast and you miss saying Hi (or screaming) to the Vampires! You have been encouraged (warned) to look passionately into the eyes of the Vampires!


Convention of Curses (Ancient Egypt)

After leaving the town of Whittemore, enter into Ancient Egypt whereby you can witness the magical and the unimaginable convention comprising of witches, wizards, and practitioners of the Dark Arts, gathering at the 366th Annual Convention of Curses. Remember to watch their beautiful (ghastly) rituals, you will be mesmerised by them! Mind your manners, don’t stare too eagerly or else a curse might befall on you!


Songs of Death (Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Back-of-House)

After leaving the Convention of Curses, it’s time to enter the house, known as Songs of Death! This house promises to be a very exciting (a bit more scary too!) journey into the world of opera troupe, the singing and the tragic stories behind what happened to all of them in the opera troupe. A starlet’s songs of vengeance turn into a spine-chilling requiem for her troupe. Enter into the world of a once flourishing Chinese Opera Academy and re-live the bloody massacre by a vindictive prima donna – The Maiden of the Opera.

Do not worry too much! It’s a little bit more scary only! It’s very fun and exciting! You will definitely walk out of the Chinese Opera Academy alive and can start to explore the other Haunted Houses and Scare Zones!


Forbidden Forest (Lost World)

Before entering into the Haunted House – Possessions, you have to walk across the Forbidden Forest. In this special Forbidden Forest, only the brave ones like you venture through the woods of the Forbidden Forest after sunset. The Kingdom of Crone lies on the land of the forsaken and the forgotten, on the outskirts of the town. Look out for the Grand Dame of Black Magic, she eternally prowls the night for unsuspecting visitors’ souls to whet her insatiable appetite. The dark shadows are vicious, tread swiftly (don’t miss the fun too!) across the Forbidden Forest, remember that the morning is only a fool’s dream!


Possessions (WaterWorld)

The grand finale, the third and final Haunted House, your last Halloween Horror Nights 3 adventure if you follow my Halloween Horror Nights 3 journey! This particular House, number 13, is for sale and do you want to buy it? You are invited to view the House no. 13 and they will tell you that the occupants of this crumbling mansion are recluses, however, the ghostly horrific truth is …. that they are imprisoned inside the House by evil spirits! This house viewing experience is so unique and interesting that you cannot miss/skip it! Their dream home is just a memory and do not be afraid to enter for a house viewing!

Do not worry at all! I survived the House no. 13 viewing experience! It’s just a little bit scary, that’s all!!

Halloween Horror Nights 3 was really very fun and exciting for me! It was scary at certain segments of the Haunted Houses and Scare Zones though! Overall, it was a great adventure! Call your friends, tell them about the fun and scary times that you can have at Halloween Horror Nights 3 and head down to Universal Studios Singapore to enjoy the Halloween Horror Nights! I loved the Haunted Houses, ADRIFT, Songs of Death and Possessions, it was a bit scary, however, I had an awesome adventure inside! Don’t worry too much! You will have as much fun as much as you are being scared!

Here are some key information and details of Halloween Horror Nights 3 at Universal Studios Singapore

Halloween Horror Nights website

– Tickets Prices and Packages 

– Event Nights: 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31 October & 1-3 November

– Frequent Fear Nights: 11, 12, 18, 19, 31 October & 3 November

– Opening Hours: 7pm – 1am

– Monster Rock: Halloween Edition at Pantages Theatre – Show Times 8pm, 10pm and 12am

I would like to say a big Thank You to Universal Studios Singapore for inviting me to the media preview of Halloween Horror Nights 3, with warm hospitality and awesome scary Halloween Horror Fun!

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