What Happened in the past 2 months ?

For my followers and readers, not having any posts here for the past 2 months would seem rather strange. What exactly happened here ?

Don’t worry, this photoblog was not neglected nor abandoned. What happened was on the 27th February, I suffered a nasty and freakish fall, resulting in very serious injuries requiring operation and post-hospital rehabilitation. I couldn’t walk and was wheelchair bound for 2 months before recovering recently allowing me to walk again.

In-depth write up of my stories can be found here on my personal blog

A Nasty & Freakish Fall

The Importance of Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Unable to walk and go out, staying in hospital and recovering. There wasn’t anything much that I can take photographs from the various events that were running or going out for photography shoots.

Everything happens for a reason and I believed that these chain of events would only make me stronger emotionally and mentally, giving me greater confidence to conquer my goals and objectives faster and better !

Like the path of fires lighting up the journey route that I am walking, there is light at the end of this route, that will lead to more exciting journeys ahead !

Thank you all for your following and support ! I am BACK !

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