On last friday early morning around 0200hrs, we drove up across the Causeway into Malaysia, before heading up, ate a hearty supper before driving up the North South Highway to Kuala Lumpur.

Had a very good drive up there, I drove Jack’s powerful and steady Honda Civic FD2 up the highway in the night, love driving very late in the night. Upon reaching KL, Patrick and I went to MINES Convention Centre for the Millionaire Mindset Intensive Seminar while Jack went out on his own to find the hotel and attend to his matters.

It was a hectic 3 days of seminar and not a lot of time to go out and explore KL, haven’t been there for many years. Anyway, still managed to get some shots of Bukit Bintang where we stayed in Hotel Allson Genesis.

Jack (left), Patrick (right)

Finally, before I took the coach on sunday night (as the other 2 guys were staying for 1 more night), drove around KL for sightseeing, took the photos of the twin towers before heading home on the midnight coach ride.

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