Dogs Day Out in the Park @ West Coast Park


It’s a great day for the friendly doggies and their mummies and daddies, coming together for a fun filled event, organised by AVA Singapore, National Parks Board of Singapore, pet and welfare organisations at West Coast Park, a park nearby my home whereby I can walk and reach in 10 minutes.


I went there with Jack and we walked around the booths and compound, enjoying the various cute and lovely doggies running around playing with their toys and their fellow doggies friends. We were there for a short time, taking photos of the doggies and patting the cute and lovely doggies of different breeds.


Although it was a short time there, I had a great time with the doggies and wondering where was my Princess Spitz, looking at the other Japanese Spitz there, my princess would probably be outstanding due to her furry coat and overweight size and very friendly nature.

Do enjoy the other photos here too at my Flickr !

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  1. JACQ says:

    OMG they’re so cute!!

  2. iwalk says:

    Wow! Lovely doggies!

    How would your Princess Spitz would be if she attended this party? Oh, My Leo always too exciting to see lovely doggies!

  3. Mei Teng says:

    Beautiful doggies!

  4. Jean says:

    hello there! you’ve just been tagged! Enjoy! 🙂

  5. Cashmere says:

    Awww… The dogs are such cuties! 🙂

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  7. Jinghui says:

    Hi Jacq

    Yes !!! They are very cute !!! Love those dogs !!

  8. Jinghui says:

    Hi iWalk,

    Princess Spitz went there in the morning with my parents, think she enjoyed herself & made a few doggie friends I hope !

    Would love to see Leo with other dogs in action someday !!!

  9. Jinghui says:

    Hi Mei Teng

    Agreed !!! They are very beautiful !!

  10. Jinghui says:

    Hi Jean

    Thanks for the tag !!

  11. Jinghui says:

    Hi Cashmere

    Lovely dogs !! Many of them !!!

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