Bodum is an iconic and well known brand around the world for its household wares and devices, reowned for its iconic French Press coffeemaker signature Scandinavian design aesthetic. Founded in the year 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bodum has transformed with their visionary innovation for over 70 years till date, has produced some of the most beautifully designed housewares in the world today. More information on the history of Bodum can be found on their website.

I was first introduced to Bodum in Singapore at an event, there were a few housewares on display and in action at the event, the water kettle, coffee grinder, toaster and this particular coffee maker that caught my attention, the Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker.

The Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker looks like your secondary school science laboratory practical lesson except that it’s probably a lot more interesting and enjoyable with fragrant coffee being brewed inside this gorgeous looking coffee maker!


Let me give a quick run through on the Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker, the funnel is made of borosilicate glass, you can watch your coffee brewing process like a theatre play in motion.


At the base, the “brains” behind this vacuum coffee maker, perfectly calibrating the brewing time and temperature of your coffee, a perfect cup of coffee with each brew, all at the press of a button.


The jug where the water heats up in the lower chamber, creating vapour pressure that forces the boiling water upwards into the funnel to mix with the coffee ground. Now, sit back and relax, watch the coffee ground and boiling water in an artistic play in motion, while enjoying the fragrance of the coffee ground that you are brewing.


There is a filter between the funnel and jug, that allows the coffee maker to be removed from the heat and vacuum pressure, it draws the brewed coffee through a strainer and back into the jug for serving freshly brewed fragrant coffee to your family and friends.

This Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker looks a bit daunting in terms of how do I use it / brew the coffee ground? When I started to review this, I wasn’t so sure how to use it or even do it properly. After looking at the manual, it’s really not difficult at all!

How do I brew coffee with the Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker?

Step 1: Add water into the jug (keep a lookout for its minimum 0.75L and maximum level 1.0L markings)

Step 2: Add coffee into the funnel, before that, remember to place the filter inside the funnel and secure it. Thereafter, put the lid back on the funnel.

**** Notes: Coffee to Water Ratio: one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces (approximately 177.44ml of water). Individual preferences varies and do check your ground coffee brand recommended ratio. ****

Step 3: Switch on the power, press the button at the base, sit back, relax and watch the coffee brewing play in motion.

Step 4: After the brewed coffee flows back into the jug, serve hot and freshly brewed coffee to your family and friends.

For this particular review, I bought Supresso Coffee and chose the Lampung and Papua Baliem coffee ground. This Supresso Coffee brand is from Indonesia, they have quite a wide range of different coffee beans, ground and coffee related products. My friends Keith and Jude like Lampung, 100% Robusta Coffee, strong body and no acidity, chocolatey with slight earthy and tobacco.  The Paupa Baliem is 100% Arabica Coffee, low acidity and heavy body, chocolate & fruity with tobacco. The Supresso Coffee brand is currently expanding in Singapore, keep a lookout!

At our coffee pairing brewed by Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker with delicious food, we all had a great time enjoying our coffee after dinner, from trying out this Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker for the first time, watching coffee brewing in motion play inside this aesthestically beautiful coffee maker, dramatic and scientific, yet still artistic with soothing coffee fragrance and aroma in the air.

This is not your heavy duty coffee machine to grind your coffee beans and brew your coffee (You can buy Bodum coffee grinder to grind your coffee beans!). The Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker gives rise to a simple and easy to use coffee brewing journey with your choice of ground coffee, all packed together inside this one pretty looking technologically advanced coffee maker. Sit back, relax and watch your favourite coffee being brewed and enjoyed in the company of family, relatives and friends.

A Big Thank You!

First and foremost, I would like to thank Hwee Seng Electronics and Brand Cellar for the opportunity to review the Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker.

I would also like to thank Head Chef Keith and Chef Jude for helping out in this review of the Bodum ePEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker. Thanks to Head Chef Keith for allowing me to use his home, kitchen and dining facilities for the photography and videography shoot. Thanks to Chef Jude for taking on the role of the home barista in the photography and videography shoot. More photographs of the Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker in action can be viewed here in this Flickr album !

Pricing and Availability

Retail Price: SGD $369

Availablity: Robinsons, Metro, Tangs, Courts Megastore, Popular

You can also buy online from Hwee Seng E-Store!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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