The role and presence of models at motorshow and car racing events are of great significance and publicity, e.g. F1 racing, JGTC races and motorshows worldwide. Typically, whenever there are such events going on, there would be lots of fans/people attending and you can simply find many many pictures ofContinue Reading

Folks, when you own a car, do you ever wonder how the skeleton inside really look like ? Besides, opening up the car bonnet and looking at the engine enclosed compartment, where else would you be able to look at the chasis and engine etc when you only go toContinue Reading

The world today is blessed with advancements in technology and scientific advancement. Looking around us, we humans can be very dependent on computers, mobile phones, internet (look who’s blogging), travel and cars of course ! Motorshow 2006 did have some pretty interesting futuristic cars on display, they looked really coolContinue Reading

Motorshow 2006 was graced by the presence of Formula 1 racing cars from Honda, Toyota and Ferrari. Even though there were only 3 models being showcased, it was still a great time to see them in Singapore. It would even be more exciting if Renault, McLaren Mercedes and the otherContinue Reading

Singapore Motorshow 2006 A bi-annual event that showcases our automobile industry, the cars driven in our small island home, rare exotic cars and cars of the future. Comparing with the previous motorshow in 2004, there were less cars on display but the there were more beautiful models gracing this eventContinue Reading

Networking is in my blood, I have been regularly attending alumni functions and gatherings especially my present involvement with the Dragon Chapter and Dragon Scout Group. Recently, one of my alumni associations, University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore, organised a marvellous and beautiful event (networking, BBQ, meet old friends,Continue Reading

Tink Cards is a creative and artistic business opened by my old friend (another fellow Dragon Scout) Mon and his partner Emily. They specialise in cards for all occasions and I really like their artwork. They are really good in wedding related necessities and accessories (beautiful wedding cards). Their rangeContinue Reading

Hi folks, I managed to get hold of my old friend (a fellow Dragon Scout) Eric, who has created a homepage for his beautiful, cute, sweet and bubbly daughter. Her name is Gracia and this is her special homepage Gracia See En Hope you folks like it !Continue Reading

Hi folks, I have uploaded my 4th set of Dragon Chapter photographs. This was the event in August 2006 when we had a bowling session at Mount Faber Safra. Please do drop by at my previous posting Dragon Chapter 1st Social Activity & take peek! At this moment in time,Continue Reading