Today marks the first day of the Year of the Monkey!! Let me wish all of you Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2016!! Thank you very much for all the support that you have given me to my photography adventures and my sharing over the years! Here’s a Chinese NewContinue Reading

A bubbly and action packed downtown picnic, packed with young school students along with their friends, families and supporters from the community. This is the third edition of the N.E.mation! Downtown Picnic, the N.E.mation! 10 Downtown Picnic that took place at the The Plaza (Ground Floor) of the National LibraryContinue Reading

A picture speaks a thousand words, a collection of brilliant and mind blowing iconic internationally recognised photographs spanning over a period of 30 years is the showcase of a world class master photographer that commands great respect and following from fellow photographers and fans around the world. I can stillContinue Reading

Happy New Year 2016 !!  I was at Marina Bay Singapore to photograph the New Year Eve 2016 Countdown fireworks to usher in and welcome the New Year 2016! Here is one photograph from the fireworks that I managed to shot last night and there were a lot of smokeContinue Reading

A long weekend holiday, starting with Christmas Day on Friday, I was having high hope that I can enjoy my long weekend with my own leisure activities. Instead, it turned into rest and recovery for me on Friday and Saturday, while I was physically tired out, suffering from fatigue, theContinue Reading

Merry Christmas!! Dear all! Yes, you, reading this post right now! Thank you so much for all your support for my photography and my photojournalism coverage in the year 2015! The year 2015 had been a very special year for me, with personal photography breakthrough and recognition! I had neverContinue Reading

The Canon EOS 5DS was recently announced in February 2015 and I had a chance to see and touch the Canon EOS 5DS for myself during the launch event. This camera got me pretty interested, I was wondering how “strong” and “powerful” this Canon EOS 5DS can be, versus theContinue Reading

Over 200 of the world’s most exceptional, historical and amazing objects from the oldest public national museum in world, the British Museum, are visiting Singapore for a short period of time from 5th December 2015 to 29th May 2016, residing in the Exhibition Galleries at the National Museum of Singapore.Continue Reading

The month of December, the last month of the calendar year, it’s usually a whole month of festivities, fun, gatherings and celebrations leading up to Christmas and the New Year. In Singapore, there are a number of places to celebrate Christmas in the month of December and one great destinationContinue Reading