There is something brewing right here in Singapore over the past few weeks, this is something special and unique, that had been building up and growing over the past three weeks, with the grand finale performance taking place on Sunday 8th July afternoon, at the inagural Campus Party Singapore 2018.

What is so special and unique about it? First and foremost, this is the world’s first ever Creative Commons musical, “What If” presented by ikibook. The “What If” musical is a crowd sourced, organic collaboration with heartlanders (our everyday folks), talented and creative musicians, dancers, artists, singers, perfomers. A complete collaboration that unites creative and talented folks from different walks of life, coming together to create a legacy in the creative, music, peformance and artistic world, based on something unheard of in most, if not all industries, a Creative Commons musical.

Who is ikibook? What do they do?

Ikibook is a newly founded social enterprise whose mission is to save meaningful content in the world. It does this by building an ecosystem of creators and to enable collaboration and support via blockchain.




The founder of ikibook, Iris Koh, a music director, songwriter and entrepreneur shares the reasons behind this musical. “It is one of my bucket lists to write a musical one day, but the thought of writing it is very daunting. So instead of writing it myself, I thought, what if I could put songwriters, playwrights, actors, musicians and dancers together and with everyone’s input and creativity we could begin writing this musical and let it take on a life of its own?”

Source: ikibook press release

I found ikibook at Tech In Asia Singapore 2018, I discovered and knew more about them and what they do. Thereafter, I wrote briefly about ikibook in my earlier articles that I published on my photography/travel website/blog and personal/technology website/blog. After Tech in Asia Singapore 2018, I attended ikibook events at their office and slowly got to know more about what they do.

Then came an email out of the blue, on an open call to participate and be a part of the world’s first ever Creative Commons musical. I went and listend to their pitch and decided to join in as a photographer (behind the scenes, rehearsals, musical performance). Personally, working on Creative Commons is something I know about yet I do not implement, since I work on All Rights Reserved due to the commerical and professional aspects of my photography business.

During the past week, I managed to attend two of their rehearsals, capturing photographs behinds the scenes of their rehearsals and preparation. The amount of talent and creativity is beyond my imagination, a gathering of creative and talented individuals,  who may not even know each other in the first place, creating a musical within a month! The singing, the dancing, the musical performance, the play, you have to watch it, to believe that it is entirely possible for the creative industry to produce a Creative Commons musical.

For now, I would only share some behind the scenes, rehearsal photographs. Keep a lookout as I cover Campus Party Singapore and ikibook on my Twitter, Facebook Page and Instagram, leading up to the “What If” musical performance on Sunday 8thJuly 2018.

If you like to know more about Campus Party Singapore, more information is available below:


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The world’s first ever Creative Commons musical, “What If” by ikibook is taking at Campus Party Singapore 2018 on Sunday 8thJuly 2018. Spread the word, Pass It On, come on down to Campus Party Singapore 2018 and catch the world’s first ever Creative Commons musical “What If”.

For those who are attending Campus Party Singapore, remember to keep a lookout for “What If” musical presented by ikibook. Let’s hope this would be an inspiration to you to create your own story that you want to tell the world, whether you are a creator, entrepreneur, techie, creative, visionary, to be unique and bold, taking a big step forward to be the change and make a change. What if … you can do it?


What If … you can create something to make a difference in the world today?

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