On 8thJuly 2018 in Singapore, a group of diverse, unique, creative and very talented individuals from all walks of life, composers, musicians, artists, singers, performers banded together in less than a month’s time frame and created a legacy for the world’s creatives and artists, the world’s first Creative Commons Musical “What If” presented by ikibook, performed at Campus Party Singapore.

This was an amazing journey that I never knew how it would turn out when I decided to be part of this Creative Commons musical “What If” movement by ikibook, lending my only talents in capturing priceless moments, documenting, writing down the stories and adventures through my eyes, photographs, heart and soul.

Taking photographs at some of the rehearsals, preparations, behind the scenes, to the actual musical performance and post performance celebrations, I am now able to continue my second part of my story telling from my earlier article that I published. A short video on the making of the “What If” musical can be viewed here on the ikibook FB page produced by Wai Hong who was part of this group of amazing talented creatives, on both back end (video) and artistic performance!

Accomplishing a musical performance in less than a month time frame, with a group of people from such diverse backgrounds and experiences is no feat at all. Kudos to Iris, founder of ikibook, the person behind the “What If” musical. To each and every creative talented individual who stepped up and be a part of this “What If” musical, you all have created a history, a legacy in the world today!

On the actual day of the “What If” musical performance, with a few hiccups and delays, the “What If” musical was presented to all those present at Campus Party Singapore, it was beautiful and magical, from nothing at the start to creating a legacy. I hope my photographs do justice to all the amazing performances by all the talented creatives involved in this musical!

Thank you each and every one of you talented and creative individuals, allowing me to capture down priceless moments in history and to be part of this “What If” musical. Check out some of the photographs that I shot during the “What If” musical rehearsals, behind the scenes and actual performance inside this Flickr photo album!

Upon the successful completion of this special and unique Creative Commons “What If” musical, this term What If still lingers inside me, probably everytime, I asked myself …

What If … I did not join in and be a part of this “What If” musical journey?

What If … I took up my studies in creative arts, writing and photography?

What If … I did not make a huge decision to step up and start own my photography business?

What If … I can write and publish my own books in travel adventures, photo books?

What If … this group of us can create a legacy for the world to see?

What If … you can do something to make a difference in the world today?

What If … I can produce a zine on the “What If” musical ?

There are many “What Ifs” in life today for everyone of us … What if you can take the first step and do something that you really wanted in life today?

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