A few weeks ago, I received an email on a ground breaking product, relating to photography, with their first teaser video below.

NINM Lab – Product Teaser (Long ver.) from NINM Lab on Vimeo.

After watching it, I was very curious, what could this new product be all about? Having some ideas in my mind, I just shared on my social media platforms while waiting for their official announcement.

A few days ago, I received their official announcement and information on their ground breaking product. Photographers, let me introduce Instant Magny 35 – An Instant Back for 135 SLR and Rangefinder (RF) film cameras, proudly presented by NINM Lab.

Having started off my photography journey a few decades back with a film SLR camera, I can still remember when I first started learning photography, it was the Pentax ME Super that belongs to my dad. Those memories were priceless.

What is the Instant Magny 35 all about? This is something that would transform and bring back the traditional film camera into the modern world of digital and smartphone photography, that would attract both old school film photographers and modern digital photography era photographers. Check out their video below!

Instant Magny 35 – An Instant Back for 135 SLR & Rangefinder Cameras from NINM Lab on Vimeo.

The Instant Magny 35 transforms the traditional film camera into an instant camera with this new camera accessory. There are no changes to how you capture your images or use your film cameras, there are no modifications at all to your camera.

This Instant Magny 35 innovative design makes it lightweight and sturdy because of its engineering plastic and aluminium alloy, weighing around 485g. It’s convenient as it uses a strong mechanical modular design, comprising of enlarging optics film back, aluminum lens barrel and film ejection unit. Those three components are connected by bayonet mount, making it simple to assemble and keep while on the move.

Beyond the photography components and parts, the Instant Magny 35 allows you to discover the Real Me, due to the focal plane of the Instant Magny 35 through a mono-lithic mirror, a mirror image is projected onto the Instax Square Instant film, an ideal outcome from optical engineering consideration and product development process.

There is something special about this Instant Magny 35, a feeling and passion that we photographers can’t use words to describe, probably only through our photos. Is the Instant Magny 35 the camera accessory to bring me back to my photography roots again with film photography?

Maybe it’s going to help me get one of those traditional film cameras and start shooting film again, it’s been a long time since I last shot film photography.

NINM Lab is raising funds for Instant Magny 35 on Kickstarter, more details on their project, technical specifications and compatible camera models are listed below!


Facebook Page: NINM Lab Facebook Page

Website:NINM Lab website


Instant Magny 35 Kickstarter Project

Date: 12 June, 2018 2pm GMT t o 16 July, 2018 3:59 GMT

Instant Magny 35 Kickstarter Page


Instant Magny 35 For Leica & Nikon

Kickstarter Price:From HKD 778 / USD 99(Up to 45% Off)

Expected Retail Price:USD 179

Instant Magny 35 For Olympus, Pentax & Canon

Kickstarter Price:HKD 1258 / USD 159(20 % Off)

Expected Retail Price:USD 199

*Expected delivery date for 1st Batch Instant Magny 35 : Dec 2018

Technical Specifications

Film: Fujifilm Instax Square

Exposure area: 62mm x 62mm

Enlarging lens construction: 2 Groups 5 Elements

Enlarging lens aperture: f/4

Effective aperture of camera lenses: f/4

Reflex Mirror: Front Surface Mirror

Power Supply: 4 x AAA Batteries

Film Feeding Out: Automatic

Others: LED Film Counter, Tripod Socket, Dark Slide


Film Ejection Unit: 118 (L) x 123 (W) x 34.8 (H) mm

Aluminum Lens Barrel: 96 (L) x 96 (W) x 62.64 (H) mm

Nikon Enlarging Optics Film Back: 65.98 (L) x 141 (W) x 53.2 (H) mm

Leica Enlarging Optics Film Back: 50 (L) x 89.5 (W) x 51.8 (H) mm

Pentax / Olympus / Canon Enlarging Optics Film Back: TBC

Weight: Approx. 485g (without battery and film pack)

Compatibility of Cameras (by specific models)


FM / FE / FM2 / FE2 / F A / FM3A


M3 / M2 / MD / MD-2 / M1 / M4 / M4-2 / M4-P /

MA / *M6 / *M7 / *MP

*Supports manual exposure only, does not support auto exposure or light metering mode


OM-1 / OM-1n / OM-2 / OM-2n / OM-2sp /

OM-3 (Ti) / OM-4 (Ti)


AE-1 / AE-1 Pr ogram / AT-1 / AV-1 / A-1


ME / MX / MV / MV -1 / ME Super / MG / ME-F /

Super A / Super Pr ogram / Program Plus

** Information and pictures courtesy of NINM Lab **

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