It is just two more weeks to the end of the year 2018, for most people, the festive month of December is probably more of taking a holiday break with family or friends, Christmas shopping, feasting and gatherings.

The festive season mood didn’t really sink into me, I had my paternal grandmother’s memorial service on the last week of November to attend and upon returning back to Singapore after that, I had three events photography shoot over three consecutive days, during the first week of December followed by some editing work for one of my events photography shoot. Last week, I covered another events photography shoot.

Overall, the month of December had been special for my four events photography shoot, they were recommendations by friends and contacts, that chose me to take on those events photography assignments. Those might be small scale assignments yet it meant something to me, in terms of trust and the power of referral.

Meanwhile, I am going to slow down for the last two weeks of December, wrap up and prepare to close FY 2018 on 31st December 2018. On the other hand, I have started some strategic planning for year 2019, I might share more insights and details into them when the opportunity arises. Right now, I am also working on clearing some backlog for my photography and travel articles before 31st December 2018.

During my most recent portraiture and events photography shoot for my friend’s business operations, I had a very good catch up with them and I realised it had been a few years since we last met.

They are business owners and entrepreneurs themselves in their fields, having their own ups and downs, sailing through their own choppy waters. Hearing their most recent stories that took place, understanding more about what happened, running a business and partnership is never easy and straightforward.

As we chatted and catch up, my friends gave encouraging words and support that I am doing something right even though the journey had been a really tough one. That’s something that I really appreciate and thankful for. While we sail and battle our own seas, weather and battles, we help, support, partner, collaborate, whenever we can.

Life is full of ups and down all year round, my strobe light broke down after my most recent portraiture and events shoot, I hope to find a place to repair it and pray it is not too expensive!

Recently, I was reminded that my portraiture photography is not as good as my landscape photography. Considering that I spent a large part of my photography years on travel and landscape photography, that is certainly one of my stronger photography genres. On the other hand, my portraiture photography portfolio is only about 2-3 years old and I started it from scratch, from nothing to something today.

I will continue to strive forward, learning, improving and expanding my portraiture photography portfolio. There are a group of friends and supporters that believed in me, giving me the opportunity to build up my portraiture photography with them. I sincerely thank this group of people from the bottom of my heart.

Have a great festive Christmas 2018 holidays folks!

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  1. All the best in your photography and the new year! 🙂

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