4 years or even longer, that’s the possibility of how long I had my previous spectacles for. With corrosion and scratched lens on my spectacles, I was pondering on a new spectacles, to get a fresh and new look, giving myself a new beginning again, after my horrific accident and now on the route to recovery.

With a voucher given by The Lens Men that was inside 24seven Christmas Party in December 2009, I waited the very last day of the voucher and headed down to Centrepoint  branch of The Lens Men and decided to go for my spectacles makeover. The excellent service and professionalism by Farah, the optometrist who attended to me and helped me with my spectacles selection and eye testing.

Dear readers, presenting a rare appearance of my portrait ! A New Spectacles ! A New Portrait ! Thanks to Amanda for taking my portrait photo with my iPhone !

Do check out the extensive and wonderful collection of The Lens Men and I am looking forward to purchase another pair of spectacles from The Lens Men, known as the Traction Production 🙂

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