Coming soon in April 2021 – 15 years of photo blogging! In 5 months time from today 10th November 2020, my photography and travel portal/blog would be celebrating a milestone, 15 years of photo blogging since the maiden debut and launch of my photography blog on 10th April 2006.

Photography by Isaac Ong


Looking back in time, I have grown, learned and improved a lot in my photography, writing, content creation, digital marketing and networking over the past 14 years. Starting off as a humble photography blog, it had grew, evolved, transformed and expanded into a photography and travel portal/blog covering various segments, photography, travel, tourism, sports, events, hospitality and food. 

This photography portal/blog was instrumental in laying the foundations for my transition and eventual setup of my sole proprietorship photography business, TGH Photography in January 2017. 

Photography by Isaac Ong

15th Anniversary Milestone Celebration Plans

In the next 5 months leading up to April 2021, I have started on my 15th Anniversary Milestone Celebration Plans.

  • Publishing my next photography zine titled, Volume 1 2021 – Special Edition: 15 years of photo blogging, stories, photos and adventures.
  • Do a new photographer profile photo shoot, it would be my profile version 6.0, a special edition as it is going to mark 15 years of photography blogging.
  • Rebranding TGH Photography with a new launch announcement in Q1 2021
  • Seeking and expanding new partnerships and collaborations 
  • Seeking sponsorships for new gadgets and gears
  • Releasing an official press release for TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog15th anniversary
  • Producing my own 15th anniversary cinematic video with help from my associates

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the people that have believed in me and supported me over all these years. This journey had not been easy and smooth sailing, a global pandemic Covid-19 year 2020 was probably the one of the most difficult and tough periods in my photography journey, the other period was between 2016 and start of my sole proprietorship photography business in 2017. 

Photography by Isaac Ong

Join me if you haven’t do so, follow me in my TGH Photography Explorer Series, photographs, stories and adventures, as I bring you into my world of storytelling through my photographs and journals. 

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