EOS World, a photography community and portal in Singapore, has been around for a few years, from a small humble community to a thriving photography community and potral in Singapore, where photographers of all levels, from those who just started learning photography to serious and commercial photographers of all ages.

What is the EOS World all about?

A thriving passionate photography (online and offline) community and portal in Singapore, where you can share your personal photography works, knowledge and skills, yet learn more about other photography  genres (that you might be keen to learn) through different articles, interviews and videos, contributed by the community members for the community.

My photography journeys and adventures with EOS World

I remembered joining EOS World when they first started a few years back, joining their various events, gatherings, participating in photography contests and activities over the years, contribtuing articles and getting featured. From its humble beginnings, to their website revamps, I had been there and with them in this journey, from a small photography community to a thriving photography community today.

Personal EOS World milestones

From photographing Red Bull Dark Knights in 2013, featured as Member Spotlight/Month of Photojournalism in March 2014, shooting sports photography at Sports Hub in 2015, exploring heritage with my Canon EOS 1DX article in 2016 and appointed EOS World Community Ambassador in 2016.

Sometimes, photography can be lonely or you might not have that many friends that are as enthusiastic like you in taking photographs. Join EOS World and you can make new friends who are passionate in photography and sharing. If you are just starting your newbie photography adventures, the EOS World Community can be a great and ideal place to learn and improve your photography!

Over the years, I have made new photography friends in the EOS World Community. Although starting and running my own photography business from January 2017 took quite a bit of time and energy away from many other things (not just personal photography), I hope to strike a balance and continue helping out at the EOS World Community.

EOS World Community Ambassador 2018 (27th October 2018 to 27th October 2019)

I was appointed EOS World Community Ambassador for the period 27th October 2018 to 27th October 2019. First and foremost, I would like to thank Canon Singapore for this appointment and recognition.

Moving forward for my EOS World Community Ambassador 1 year Tour of Duty, I hope to balance my time, photography knowledge, skills, articles and sharing on my own photography business website, photography blog/portal and transfer them into the EOS World Community, sharing and making an impact to the other photographers.

This is a photography community and portal by the EOS World Community members for EOS World Community members. Inspire other fellow photographers and get inspired by fellow photographers inside this EOS World Communnity.

Special thanks to Victor Mok, EOS World Community Council Member for the photos!

If you are a Canon photographer, more information can be found below, time to join the EOS World Community, it’s easy to sign up!

Website: EOS World

Facebook Page: Canon Singapore

Instagram: Canon: Canon Singapore

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