Beauty and cutting-edge modern technology combining together, easy to use and at the comfort of your home, welcome to the world of beauty and technology – LG Pra.L, presented by LG Electronics. There are four premium LG home beauty devices, namely Dual Cleanser, Galvanic Ion Booster, Total Lift Up Care, and Derma LED Mask, to clean, nourish, lift and firm the skin respectively.

At the recent LG Electronics (LG) Singapore event on the launch of LG’s premium home beauty brand, LG Pra.L, I learned about the world of beauty and technology of their premium home beauty devices, with a short “testing” experience of beauty and technology coming together. On my technology and business portal/blog, I have been covering LG’s products from information technology, home entertainment, home appliances and B2B/commercial line-up. This particular segment of beauty and technology is something very new to me, to be honest, I was hesitant on how I would be to cover LG Pra.L, the premium LG home beauty brand, since I am a hopeless guy on the area of beauty.

Somehow, I was convinced by the friendly PR folks from Brand Cellar that LG Pra.L combines beauty and technology, this combination totally suits me. After attending and witnessing the range of LG’s premium home beauty devices, I was won over by the LG Pra.L premium home beauty brand.

What is the story behind LG Pra.L?

Designed to heighten existing skincare routines for faster and more apparent results, LG Pra.L is a beauty solution built with cutting-edge tech to provide the modern woman with aging-preventive care, all from the comfort of the home.

Pra.L is inspired by the belief that ‘true beauty comes from within’ and is designed with LG’s LED technological expertise, a brand renowned for its TVs and other displays. LG Pra.L devices have already been recognized in the 2018 Korea Brand Hall of Fame presented by the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies and Brand Design Association of Korea.

“LG has always been a company that encourages innovation in our technologies, and LG Pra.L is a testament to that,” says Mr Shawn Han, Managing Director of LG Electronics Singapore. “With an increasing interest towards beauty tech in Asia, we applied years of technological expertise to create Pra.L for this market. As Singapore is also the first in Southeast Asia to launch the brand, we look forward to consumers here enjoying Pra.L for an enhanced skincare experience.”

Dual Cleanser

  • Deep Cleansing for Soft, Glowing Skin
  • The Pra.L Dual Cleanser comes with two brush options: a silicone brush for gentle daily cleansing, and a fine fibre brush for deeper cleansing. The device automatically detects which brush is attached and changes the mode accordingly.

Galvanic Ion Booster

  • Enhancing Absorption of Skincare Ingredients
  • Cleansing Mode for deep pore cleansing followed by the Boost Mode for better absorption of skincare products.

Total Life Up Care

  • Deep Tissue Tightening and Lifting with Red LED Light
  • The Total Lift Up Care device helps to achieve plump, youthful skin through its tightening and lifting functions.
  • Tightening Mode to trigger collagen production and Lifting Mode for a tightening and lifting effect

Derma LED Mask

  • Only Nine Minutes a Day for Brighter, More Radiant Skin
  • Return youth and elasticity back to the skin tissue with the LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask.
  • Using 160 LEDs (80 red and 80 infrared) of long- and short-wave light to penetrate the skin at different depths, it rejuvenates skin layers to encourage cell regeneration for firm, radiant skin.

For the gentlemen, beauty is not just for the ladies, you can now have it too! Combining the world of beauty and technology (Geeks and techies alert!) together with LG Pra.L brand home beauty devices, you can now be a part of home beauty care! It’s not just about beauty for the gentlemen, this is also about personal grooming and looking good for the gentlemen!

Personally, for a guy like me who is quite hopeless on beauty care, the world of beauty and technology of LG Pra.L is very refreshing, something unique and special, bringing in modern technology to the world of beauty care into the next level and beyond, along with the comfort of doing it at your own home. While it may seem LG Pra.L premium home beauty brand target market is the ladies, for all the gentlemen out there, you can also start to explore LG Pra.L premium home beauty brand too!

LG Pra.L dual cleanser and galvanic ion booster looks like the suitable home beauty devices for me to kickstart my own home beauty care, cleaning and nourishing my skin, for a guy like me who is clueless and hopeless on beauty care.

Thank you LG Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar for the invitation to the launch event and introducing me to the world of beauty and technology, LG Pra.L premium home beauty brand.

Pricing and Availability

The LG Pra.L premium home beauty devices are now available in Singapore, at an exlcusive pop-up store at Tangs Plaza until 9 September, 2019

The LG Pra.L lineup retail prices are as follows:

  • Dual Cleanser: S$499
  • Galvanic Ion Booster: S$529
  • Total Lift Up Care: S$699
  • Derma LED Mask: S$1,349

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* Information courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar *

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