At the start of a new year, I would usually set aside time to reflect and review my previous year, followed by planning, strategising and writing down my goals and objectives for the new year. I do write down my goals for the new year, publish the goals that I set in my articles on my photography and travel portal/blog and technology/business/personal portal/blog. For this new year 2020, I decided to try something different, a new approach, with a theme and goals for Year 2020 (Photography and Travel)

Setting a theme for Year 2020 was inspired by Fernando Gros recent article, “Momentum – Yearly Theme For 2020”. Having met Fernando in person, a very talented creative, musician, photographer and writer, I also have his book, “No Missing Tools”, very inspiring, opening a world that I never thought that I ever have inside me, on the subject of creativity. Fernando has been an inspiration for me as a photographer and writer, learning, changing, evolving and adapting in this current modern world filled with so much fast moving information, news, images and videos.

As I decided on a single word to choose my theme for Year 2020, it was a bit of a struggle since this was my maiden attempt. Seeking the advice of my old classmate Michael, from my primary school days (his command of the English language is way better than me), he advised me to find a phrase that would suit me personally, after an interesting discussion and brain storming, this phrase appeared “Striving to Excel”, our primary school motto (and our primary school is no longer around, they have merged with other primary school in my neighourhood).

Therefore, my theme for Year 2020 is “Striving to Excel”, fits in nicely to both my professional/business and personal goals for this year. Another new approach for this year, I am not revealing my business goals and plans for this year, you can still find some bits and pieces in previous articles, if you have been a regular reader on my two websites. Instead, I would be writing on my personal photography and travel goals, I want to return back to my roots, that started my love for photography, travel and story telling.

Theme for Year 2020 – Striving to Excel

Personal Photography Goals for 2020

  • To publish my first photo zine
  • To publish photo zine on a regular basis (one issue every quarter)
  • Explore more of the outdoors and natural areas in Singapore and countries that I visit
  • Produce more personalised photography content and stories (from personal projects to documentary)
  • Printing photographs, from mini prints to large A2 photo prints
  • Continue building up my TGH Photography Explorer Series brand and works

Personal Travel Goals

  • Take more short haul trips to nearby countries and explore
  • Japan 2020 (Hokkaido, Kansai)
  • Climb and conquer another mountain peak
  • Produce cinematic travel video stories

Striving to Excel, in both personal and professional capacity, for my Year 2020. Come on board, follow me on my photography and travel exploration stories adventures!

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