A few months back, in October 2017, I was involved with a talented and diverse group of professionals coming together for a short film project. My role was the behind the scenes photographer during the filming, as well as the portraiture and products (sponsors) photographer for the duo behind the brains, ideas, vision and direction for this short film project.

For the past few months leading up to the launch of the videos in February 2018, there were sneak peaks and previews of the videos, from the behind the scenes photographs footage and coverage done by me. I would share more of the behind the scenes photographs and stories in another article post!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you, Love At Second Sight (二见钟情)!

Love At Second Sight 二见钟情 1 | Koi Plus Singapore

Love At Second Sight 二见钟情 2 | Gaston Luga

Love At Second Sight 二见钟情 1 | W Eye Clinic

Brought to you by #TheEpiphanyDuplet from #TheEpiphanyArtistry

特别鸣谢 Special Thanks:
W Eye Clinic for the use of location

KOI Thé SingaporeKOI PLUS SingaporeGaston LugaAmerican EagleBataShunji Matsuo

Tiffany Yong 熊慧婷
Peps Goh 吴宇冲
Da Lord Pojo (aka Tiger JellyFurbelly)The Cat

摄影指导 Director of Photography: 郑馨文 Shian Wen
副导演 Assistant Director: 傅凯勋 Kasimir Poh Cieslak
制片经理 Production Manager: 蒋佳荣 Dextercjr
幕后花絮 摄影师 Behind The Scenes Photographer: 陈景晖 GengHui Tan from TanGengHui Photography

化妆师 Makeup Artist: Nhurul Hidayah (Yaya)

服装造型师 Wardrobe Stylist: Joanne Lim from Image Success
角色造型设计师 Character Lookbook Stylist: 梁嘉琪 Jq Reyna from Reyna Hearts Makeup Artistry
拟音设计 Foley Artist: 洪慧璇 Chris Chross

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