As a travel wanderlust, travel photographer and writer, I miss my travels overseas and Japan is one of my favourite countries to visit. At this moment, since we can’t travel, we can learn more about travel destinations overseas that we have yet to visit or planning to revisit again! Niigata Prefecture is one destination in Japan that I have yet to visit, Exploring Niigata Online with Cheesie Vol.3 would be a very useful online travel session for me and the rest of us who haven’t visit Niigata Prefecture!

The world travel and tourism industries have been hit very badly with the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19 that started in 2020. For those who love traveling overseas for their holidays, we were not able to do so for now. When would countries open up their borders and world travel and tourism be safe for us to travel overseas again? Hopefully, keeping our fingers crossed, we would be able to see a slow gradual opening up of world travel and tourism in Q3 or Q4 2021.

Niigata Prefecture and Yuzawa Town in Japan will host on February 20, 2021 EXPLORING NIIGATA ONLINE with Cheesie vol.3, a Facebook live event to promote Niigata Prefecture featuring the popular influencer Cheesie.

Niigata Prefecture had welcomed an increasing number of travelers every year from year 2017 through 2019, making this prefecture one of the most popular destinations in Japan. In the year 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and restricted inbound visitors to Japan. Today, people still cannot visit Niigata Prefecture.

For many travel wanderlusts who are unable to visit Japan, Niigata Prefecture and Yuzawa Town are going to host a Facebook live event to give people the opportunity to explore Niigata online even though they cannot physically visit Niigata Prefecture at this time. This would be a good time to learn more and collect travel information on Niigata Prefecture too!

EXPLORING NIIGATA ONLINE with Cheesie lets people explore sceneries, culture, seasons, and food in Niigata Prefecture, featuring Cheesie, one of the most popular influencers in Singapore and Japan tourism specialist. Held for the third time, this event includes live streaming from a ski resort in Yuzawa Town, Niigata Prefecture, known as one of the snowiest places in Japan, showcasing snow activities, making of Japanese traditional ‘soba’ noodles, ‘sake’ rice wines, and other attractive aspects of the snow resort.

A representative in Niigata Prefecture who planned this event said:

“Before tourists were restricted due to COVID-19, we had seen for several years significant growth in the number of visitors to Niigata Prefecture from Southeast Asia. Today, we cannot welcome tourists, but we understand that many people in Southeast Asia are looking forward to traveling to Japan when international travel restrictions are lifted. In such a situation, we will provide people with the opportunity, through Facebook Live and in collaboration with the influencer Cheesie, to find out about the sightseeing spots and other attractive aspects of Niigata. Through this, we create ties with people interested in visiting Niigata, hoping that many people in Southeast Asia become interested in visiting our prefecture when they can travel freely again.”

Exploring Niigata Online with Cheesie Vol.3 Details

Date: Saturday 20th February 2021


13:00-13:45 (Indonesia, Vietnam : GMT+7)

14:00-14:45 (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines : GMT+8)

15:00-15:45 (Japan : GMT+9)


Facebook Live (

** Live streaming on Niigata Tourism Information (Enjoy Niigata) account

Special online event page:

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Once it is safe for us to travel internationally again, Japan is on my top travel destinations! While I still have many prefectures and destinations to visit in Japan, I do hope to visit Niigata Prefecture one day when it is safe again, explore, taste local Japanese food delights, go a ski trip there, enjoy onsen and have fun again, with my travel photography and writing!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Niigata Prefecture and Media Outreach News *

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