Traveling for work or leisure, a travel adaptor is an essential accessory that we bring out with us, especially important and crucial when we are traveling overseas to other countries whereby they adopt different standards for the electrical power points. Let me introduce Zendure Passport II Pro, it’s more than just a global travel adaptor.

What makes Zendure Passport II Pro special and different from the rest?

The Passport II Pro has a number of outstanding technical features and capabilities that makes it stand out from the rest.

61W USB-C PD: Ideal for laptops

Passport II Pro primary USB-C power delivery (PD) port can provide up to 61W of power, that would be sufficient to charge most USB-C laptops in the market and a range of other USB-C PD devices as well. At 61W, this Passport II Pro can fully charge a 13” MacBook Pro in just two hours, while for the iPhone 11 Pro, it can be charged up to 50% in 30minutes, and for Samsung Galaxy S20, it can be fully charged in just one hour.

One device for Six Gadgets

This new Passport II Pro travel adaptor has two USB-C ports and three USB-A ports. If you have a laptop, tablet, two smartphones, a smartwatch, wireless earphones and your portable AC powered speakers, they can all be powered with this one new convenient device, this new Passport II Pro, one device for six gadgets.

One device for use in over 200 Countries and Regions

With the 61W USB-C PD feature, you would have easily forget that this is in fact a travel adaptor! Zendure Passport II Pro works in over 200 countries and regions. On the side of this travel adaptor, you can see three blue colour press-and-slide controls, allowing you easy and convenient one-handed access to your US/AU, UK or EU markets AC power connectors.

One feature that I like about the press-and-slide control is the built quality, the controls lock in nicely and safely, unlike some of my previous travel adaptors that I current owned.

Power of 10 Amps

The Passport II Pro can deliver up to 10A (1200W/120V, 2400W/240V) from its universal AC outlet, a significant improvement from its previous model that could offer 6A. With the power of 10A, this would mean that Passport II Pro is now compatible with more devices, including many hair dryers, hair straighteners and electric water kettles.

Safety feature: Auto-Resetting Fuse: On in 60 Seconds

This safety feature inside the Passport II Pro, auto-resetting fuse that will stop the flow of power momentarily in the event of a connected AC device trying to draw too much power from the Passport II Pro.

Zendure is the first company to introduce an auto-resetting fuse to the travel adaptor market, saving users a trip down to the hardware store from their travel itinerary.

Lightweight travel adaptor

Some of my existing travel adaptors are bulky and clunky. As for the Passport II Pro, it’s lightweight and has a nice simple compact size design, 20% smaller than its predecessor, Passport 30W. Thanks to high-efficiency GaN (gallium nitride) components, that generates less heat than traditional silicon parts, they require less space for heat management. 

More than just a global travel adaptor

Many of us, whether you are an avid leisure traveler or business traveler, our mindset is a global travel adaptor is for us to use when we travel for work or holidays.

This Passport II Pro by Zendure is going to change this old mindset of ours. With its lightweight size and design, safety features and number of charging points, it’s more than just a global travel adaptor. This can be our everyday carry (EDC) accessory for our leisure, studies and work, with the amount of gadgets and devices that we carry and use everyday.

One device for your technology gadgets during your travel and/or daily usage, you do not have to carry multiple adaptors/chargers for each of your gadgets anymore.

Personal thoughts and views

As an avid traveler myself, a travel photographer, a commercial photographer and a techie with love for technology gadgets, I owned a few other travel adaptors prior to this Zendure Passport II Pro. This stands out from the rest not just for its power delivery feature, the safety mechanism measures in place gives me a peace of mind.

Passport II Pro is also more lightweight and less bulky in design. This Passport II Pro global travel adaptor is designed with users/travelers input in mind, through Zendure early stages of product development and surveys with numerous customers on what they really want in a travel adaptor. This is indeed a device by users for users. Passport II Pro is more than just a global travel adaptor, it’s an EDC accessory as well.

I would like to thank Zendure for the opportunity to test and review the Passport II Pro.

Where can I get the Zendure Passport II Pro?

The Zendure Passport II Pro is now available on Kickstarter, it will be available in two colours – black and white.

If you are keen to own this Zendure Passport II Pro, visit Kickstarter and back this product

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