29th Dec 2007 – Esplanade & Vivo City Photoshoot + Location Recce

On the 29th December, I went to The Camera Workshop to get my tripod head base plate changed/fixed up but it was closed for the festive season leading towards New Year Day. Thereafter, I decided to shop around before heading towards the Esplanade to recce potential locations for shooting fireworks on New Year Eve Countdown.

I also had a good glimpse of the floating pontoons in Marina Bay whereby the fireworks would be firing up into the Central Business District skyline, 8 minutes of fireworks display, I am looking foward to shooting fireworks again !

After having some ideas on potential shooting locations, I went inside to the Esplanade and was entertained by a trio of young guitarists & singer performances at the concourse, jamming rock ballads on their acoustic guitars, rock ballads that I identified easily because I grew up in the rock ballads era. The boys are 12 & 13 years old and they possess a great level of talent for playing the guitar extremely well, let alone performing rock ballads in front of an audience. There was a singer who sang really well too, she had a great voice and she is a real talent for singing !

After watching the performance, I walked towards Clifford Pier to catch a bus to Vivo City, meeting Dave Koh of Espoir Bridal for photo taking and drinks. While I was crossing the Esplanade Bridge, I saw the Singapore Flyer lighted up !

Vivo City is in the midst of preparations for New Year Eve Countdown Concert and there are still many people post-Christmas shopping mood. The lights are still in place and the big and bright Christmas tree still stands tall and proud. Moving around to explore and take photos of Vivo City, enjoying the relaxing pace of photography.

Year 2007 is coming to a close and counting down to welcome 2008 !

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