First Car Model Shoot – Honda Civic Si JDM FD2

I always love taking photos of cars especially sports cars and have been following sports cars since I was blown away by Takumi Fujiwara & his AE86 drifting of the Initial D anime series.

Even though I went to many motorshows and sports car carnival events, I don’t have the opportunity to have an official car model photo shoot. However, I was given my maiden opportunity to have a photoshoot for my friend, Jack’s with his Honda Civic Si JDM FD2.

Jack also has a great and awesome car blog dedicated to his Honda Civic Si JDM FD2, do drop in and take a look, it’s very informative and highly popular with local and overseas Honda & car fans !

I took him to a new location in Singapore, it would be a lovely location to visit when the whole area is finalising their construction. Even though it was nice, I couldn’t get many decent and nice photos of his wonderful car, 1st time at this particular location, didn’t plan my shooting before hand. In the end, I only managed 2 decent shots.

Please drop by my maiden portfolio on my first car model shoot
Jack’s Honda Civic Si JDM FD2 – a photoset on Flickr

I promised to improve my car model photo shoot for Jack and would update on my blog here when I shoot Jack’s Honda Civic SI JDM FD2 portfolio shoot in the future (track racing, tranquility locations, nice long roads etc etc)

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