My Christmas Gifts 2007 collection

Christmas 2007 has passed, no big celebrations but a good rest away from the overcrowded crowds.

Looking back, special year, have received a number of Christmas gifts (I usually don’t give and neither do I receive, yes, I am a scrooge). Wonderful gifts from many people, some went inside my tummy (Eric’s chocolates and Sterling’s Macadamia Nuts from Hawaii).

Showcasing some gifts here that I received:

LED lights from Scoutmaster Sterling imported from Hawaii, Beijing Olympics key chain from Joe, Hokkaido key chain from Alex, set of ESPRIT towels x 3 from Christmas gift exchange with Raymond.

Thanks to all who have given me wonderful Christmas gifts !

Also thanks to Kelvin & Jenny & Celeste for organising and allowing us to use their home for a Boxing Day gathering !

Have a great festive season 2007 ! Let’s all countdown to welcome 2008 !


  1. Merry Christmas and happy new year

  2. Merry Christmas to you ! Happy New Year & enjoy the festive season !

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