50th Floor Bird’s Eye View from Pinnacle Duxton SkyBridge

The word HDB, also known as Housing Development Board, is acronym that is closely related to the history, heart and growth of Singapore from her independence in 1965 till today. Many changes to the landscape of Singapore, from 1 bedroom to 2 bedroom public housing in the early days to the modern high rise public housing consisting of 50 levels that are wonderfully designed.

The Pinnacle@Duxton is the latest addition to the public housing estates in Singapore, next to the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, with a skybridge on the 50th floor that spans an awesome landscape view of the Singapore Harbour, Central Business District, Chinatown and Western part of Singapore. Today was our maiden visit to the Pinnacle@Duxton, where our Cousin Joel had an apartment there and Cousin Brandon & myself arranged a time to drop by and visit !

When we were up there, the views were absolutely beautiful and magnificent, no wonder they received such good publicity and many photographers wanted to visit the skybridge too ! The blocks span over different views of Singapore and it’s a wonderful location for sunset photography ! The weather today wasn’t that good, there were lots of dark clouds engulfing the sky and there wasn’t much of a sunset. Nevertheless, three of us cousins had fun walking, enjoying and taking photographs 🙂

We later visited Cousin Joel’s apartment too and his unit had a clear view of the Chinatown ! Cousin Brandon & myself were sharing with Cousin Joel on the eateries around Pinnacle@Duxton and we promised to come back with a food adventure around his area along with another photography adventure !

Do check out the Pinnacle@Duxton website on the rules and regulations pertaining to Skybridge visit for visitors and residents. Hope you folks enjoy the photographs taken on a cloudy day in Singapore ! A 50th Floor Bird’s Eye View from Pinnacle@Duxton Skybridge !

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  1. Great info ! Did not know public can go too.. will drop by one day for a visit ! 🙂

  2. taking a walk across the skybridge must be a wonderful experience for anyone. the views are lovely indeed. 🙂

    Happy Chinese new Year!

  3. Author

    Hi chinesealbumart

    Yes, the public can visit, subject to daily visitors quota & skybridge total people quota (residents + visitors) & a $5 entrance fee,

    More news can be found on their official website.

  4. Author

    Hi life ramblings

    Yes, once you are on top of the skybridge, it’s a wonderful experience. Lovely and beautiful views 🙂

    Thanks for your greetings !! Happy Lunar New Year to u too !! 😀

  5. is it free entry ,howwe want to enter if its free?

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