Singapore Airshow 2010

The Singapore Airshow 2010 is back here again ! It’s an exhibition, event and convention that generates enormous interest around the world with military, businesses and tourists too ! I was actually planning to visit the Singapore Airshow 2010 during the public visit days on Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th, however, a nice surprise popped up, my old friend Jinguang gave me a pair of Trade Passes!!

Found my friend Jack to take leave from his work to visit the Airshow together on Thursday 4th February and we made our way there to Changi Airport Terminal 3 and took the shuttle service to Changi Exhibition Centre. After registration and clearing security checks, we went straight for the Airshow flying display from 1130hrs to 1230hrs, just in time for the start of the airshow ! The weather was great except it was very hot and sunny ! The airshow display started with our RSAF F-16 in action, followed by training planes, fighter planes and helicopters from different countries, USA, South Korea, Italy, Australia ! The highlights of the Airshow display had to be F-111 and A-10 and they were big, awesome and agile fighting machines !

It was a trigger happy moment for me, my 200mm lense seemed to be a bit short and wished I had at least a 400mm lense 🙂 Took many pics and enjoyed myself a lot ! After the airshow display, moved into the exhibition centre, enjoyed the cool air-conditioning while visiting the various booths set up by military and aviation companies, from airplane parts to engines, technologies etc … There were also flight stimulators too and it was really cool !

Due to the tight time schedule for both Jack and myself, we quickly walked to the airplane static display and loved the “big birds” parked nicely for the visitors to view, enjoy and take photos 🙂 There were private jet airplanes on display of different shapes and sizes. Jack and myself were “choosing” and taking photos with the private jet airplanes, our toys for the future 🙂

We went up to this Alenia Aermacchi C-27J Spartan too and Jack showed me the airborne drill on the procedure and drills !! Had a great time listening to an airborne trooper and we basically took photos and I managed to get myself in photos !! Going on a Trade Day does have its advantages, the Public visit days would definitely be more packed, however, it would definitely be worth the time spent !

Go visit Singapore Airshow 2010 !! Check out more pics here on Flickr !


  1. How come all my pictures, where is yours? Haha, maybe all your picture I took one, not up to standard, paiseh heee. Not professional!

    Thanks for the pictures =)

  2. Author

    Haha !

    Not the pics u took of me not up to standard … I prefer to let my good friends take the limelight & I shy lah ! 😛

    Glad that u liked the pics !

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