5th August 2006 – Singapore Fireworks Festival 2006 – Team Italy

The month of August consists of many celebrations for Singapore National Day on 9th August. There would always be great fireworks display held at the Marina Bay area and it will definitely attract big crowds to the Esplanade, Fullerton area and Benjamin Sheares Bridge area.

The first fireworks display was by Team Italy on 5th August 2006. A bunch of us colleagues went down and joined in the crowd and enjoyed the fun ! We bought takeaway Burger King from Millenia Towers and proceed our way to the Esplanade. It was already quite crowded and we had a tricky time finding a good location to set up my DSLR and space to cater to us folks.

Finally, we managed to settle down at the end of the Esplanade footpath area, an “open air” area. I prepared my DSLR set up w/ tripod and remote control switch while the rest of the boys munched away their burgers and fries. I did not take the pictures of them eating though….

The fireworks started off at 2100 hrs by His Excellency, President Nathan, of the Republic of Singapore. Watching fireworks is always one of my favourite activities and I will always enjoy it thoroughly. Overall, as I was still inexperienced in taking fireworks pictures, the pictures did not come out that good. Nevertheless, I would have learned from this wonderful fireworks, and improved on my skills. Do keep a lookout for my 2nd set of fireworks festival display by Team Singapore.

Just my humble pictures (pardon the distractions) ……

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