Dragon Chapter 1st Social Activity – Bowling session at Mount Faber Safra

The Dragon Chapter Committee organised our 1st social gathering and activity for the old boys of Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scouts. It was a bowling session at Mount Faber Safra and we had lots of action in our bowling and chit chat session.

Most of us played 2 games and the person with the most points got a treat from the person with the lowest points (siew mai , fan choy), so much fun and laughter and the excitement and fear of not being the person with the lowest points !

Mark was awesome with his pre-bowling stance and concentration before he bowls the ball, Hongliang was estatic when he got a strike, jumping up and down !

We, the Dragon Chapter Committee would be looking foward to organise more social acitvities for the old boys and we are strongly enouraging all the old boys to keep a lookout for our activities schedules. Looking at our photos , we have old boys from different batches and era, coming down together and reuniting the spirit of Dragon Scouts. It was deja vu for all of us and there were lots of fun , chatting, catch up with old friends and making new friends.

To all the old boys reading and looking at the photos, I hope that I would be able to stir up the Dragon Scout spirit in you and come join us !

Looking foward, there are some Dragon Scout Troop activities and I am especially looking foward to Dragon Scout Day on 12 August 2006. I would be going down early to take photos for the Dragon Scout Troop and their activities, bringing back many many wonderful memories for me (and for all of you old boys too !). Please do drop by on that morning and have fun together with the new and old Dragon Scouts !

On top of that , we do have something really nice that the old boys would like and be able to identify with. Do come down and the mystery would be revealed to all of you old boys !

Onward, Dragon Scouts!

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