A rugby union match @ The Padang

I was walking down from the City Hall area, walking towards Esplanade via the Padang. It was a beautiful evening and the Padang surroundings were peaceful without the hassles of traffic jams.

From far, I spotted rugby union action ! Being in a rugby world cup carnival mood, I was thrilled to be watching live rugby union action again. Haven’t been watching rugby union matches live since my maiden visit to a Rugby Union Test Match in 1999 when the Springboks was playing the Wallabies in Brisbane.

I sat down for a while to enjoy the sports action but my sports photography instincts, spring me into action. I set up my DSLR with my telephoto lense, with AI SERVO settings with 5 FPS High Speed action and started snapping away. I confessed this sports match was my 1st in sports photography (took racing cars before though) and it wasn’t that good, need to master my telephoto lense better and further.

Some rugby union action photos:

Rucking !
Mauling !



Second Rowers fighting for the ball in a line-out

After the match, I walked towards the Esplanade, turning back, I saw the beautiful Supreme Court Building in the evening light with the Padang in its foreground.

By the way, Singapore Cricket Club Rugby 7s would be in action on 27th to 28th October. Do check out their official website ! Time to hone my sports photography skills !


  1. the third picture is a bit dark but I like the second one. Thanks all the same for sharing!

  2. Thanks for viewing !

    The 3rd photo was a bit dark I admit, need to work on low light conditions with my telephoto lense. 🙂

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