Beautiful Cars of BMW World Singapore

BMW, a brand for many generations, well known for their cars and technology. BMW World was in Singapore, showcasing BMW’s latest innovation, design and heritage, held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. It’s a mix of everything, from their history to the future BMW car, motorbikes and bicycles too.

Inside the convention centre, a well designed layout and path leading to the main display area, where the BMW cars were placed to welcome the visitors. The central portion of the convention hall layout, a round lounge area with nice sofas, a nice place to sit down, relax and have a drink. Met up with Sue before starting to explore and admire sexy and beautiful BMW cars together at BMW World Singapore.

The whole range of BMW cars were not on display, selected existing models were on display, nevertheless, it still attracted a lot of attention among the visitors. The M3 GTS was on display and it’s really cool ! The future car of BMW, the Gina Light Visionary, simply impressive and sleek.

Walking and checking out the other BMW World displays, the bicycles (road bike and mountain bike) were pretty cool too and it will be lovely to own them ! At least I can say that I own a BMW ! Their motorbikes were big and powerful, perfect for road trips !

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Take a look at my BMW World Singapore photos collection …. Won’t it be nice to own a BMW car ? The M3 looks really cool and I do like the 1 series, especially the 130 🙂

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  1. The BMW 3 series has just been voted the most reliable car 2010. Nice cars indeed but I think I will stick with the bicycle.

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