Canon Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017 is just round the corner, if you are planning something special and unique for your special someone, you would need something beyond your Valentine’s Day gift.

Let me share with you some ideas that can be helpful and important to help you capture down your Valentine’s Day 2017 memories (or proposal) with some technology gadgets recommendations from Canon and the steps to creating your Valentine’s Day proposal moments –

Step #1 – Creating the mood with appropriate decorations  

Canon PIXMA TS8070 (SGD $299.00)

From the moment that you both became “Instagram-official” countless of photos must have been taken and shared on social media platforms. Now’s the time to put these photos to good use by printing them out and decorating the event venue with them.

With the help of the PIXMA TS8070, which supports a new 5” by 5” (square) photo paper, you can easily print all the photos you shared on Instagram and use them as part of the venue decoration. As the printer is wireless and promises a quick and easy set-up, you need not waste precious time setting up the printer, but can instead print the photos straight from your phone.

Equipped with a six-colour hybrid ink system, the flagship printer delivers highest quality prints, ensuring that the venue is adequately jazzed up.

Step #2 – Going down on one knee

 Canon RAYO i8 (SGD $749.00)

With the RAYO i8 in one pocket, and the ring in the other, you are now all set for the perfect proposal. Now all you have to do is just ask!

Measuring at just 111 x 111 x 17.2mm and weighing only 269g, the RAYO i8 mini projector fits easily into the back pocket of your jeans. With the ease of portability, the video montage you prepared for the day can be stored on smart devices and streamed directly via either wired or wireless networks.

Despite its tiny size, the RAYO i8 punches above its weight. With its ability to enlarge content to a 158” image on any surface while delivering continuous brightness at 100 lumens, the RAYO i8 ensures that the video montage you put together will be delivered in great clarity, evoking all the necessary emotions for your partner to say yes.

Top this off with up to 2 hours of run-time on a single charge, you have all the time you need to muster up your courage and ask.

Step #3 – Photographing the big moment

Canon EOS M5                                                   
EOS M5 (Body) SGD $1,669.00
EOS M5 Kit (EF-M15-45 IS STM)  SGD $1,499.00

EOS M5 kit (EF M18-150mm) SGD $2,099.00

*Disclaimer: This step should be outsourced to friends or family present, least you miss the perfect photo opportunity and have to get down on your knee all over again*

Of course, you have to have a camera to capture your special day, and share the memories with the extended family.  The new Canon EOS M5 boasts of one of Canon’s most impressive features – the Dual Pixel CMOS AF. This state-of-the-art function helps provide smooth and precise AF for photos and videos even while staring through the camera’s EVF.

To top it off, the EOS M5 also shoots at a rate of 7fps with continuous AF and 9fps when focus is locked – perfect for capturing fast activity unfolding in the field. Every happy tear shed will be captured with absolute precision.  Plus, with a shutter that is virtually silent, you don’t have to fear alerting your partner before you actually get down on your knee and ask.

If you were too flustered before the actual proposal and had forgotten to find a photographer, fret not!

The inclusion of the new Bluetooth Smart feature allows the camera to stay fully connected to a smartphone or tablet running Canon’s Camera Connect application. All you have to do is to find a suitable spot to put the camera, dash back to your partner, get back down on one knee, and control the EOS M5 from your smartphone.

Step #4 – Printing photo souvenirs for friends and family

Canon SELPHY CP1200 (SGD $199.00)

*Disclaimer: You may wish to skip this step if your partner said no. Sorry. *

Now that the difficult part is out of the way, it’s time to show your appreciation for all that helped you put the event together. Weighing at only 860 grams, the SELPHY CP1200 can be easily brought to the proposal venue.

The simple button layout easily allows you to easily print photos from your Canon EOS M5 via Wi-Fi, on a variety of layouts and sizes such as postcard prints, while the date printing function ensures that you never forget this memorable date.

A simple handwritten thank you note can be crafted on the back on the post card print, and given out to all those who are present.With the optional battery pack, you need not worry about finding a power socket should you decide to propose on a yacht out at sea!

If you are planning to propose to your special one during this Valentine’s Day, hope the 4 steps and gadget recommendations help you in some way or another!

However, if you are planning to celebrate with your Valentine’s Day with your special one, all the above photography, printing and technology gadgets are definitely useful and handy to have a romantic and special time with your special one, take photographs with the Canon EOS M5, project them on the screen/wall using RAYO i8, view the precious and priceless moments together as a couple! After viewing them, you can print them out as memories using the Canon SELPHY CP1200 and PIXMA TS8070 for both of you to keep!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Friendship Day!

* Pictures courtesy of Canon Singapore*

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