Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group Campfire – 2nd September 2006

On 2nd September 2006

Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group celebrated her 84th year in style with a campfire titled “Unusual 2006”. I was proud to be back with the rest of my fellow old boy scouts, enjoying the days when we were a Dragon Scout and enjoying campfires. Although campfires nowadays are very different from my time (different era), some things just doesn’t change.

Our Dragon Chapter Committee chairman, Thye San, was invited to be the Guest of Honour to declare the campfire open. It was a great honour for him and for everybody in Dragon Chapter.

This campfire became an very important and significant day in the history of Dragon Scout Group and Dragon Chapter, (since the day the Chapter was founded in our short history to date). We were inuagrated in the presence of our Dragon Scout Group and our fellow brother scouts, sister guides and cub scouts. We went to the stage and Say Chionh led the Dragon Chapter in our “uniforms” to recite the Scout Promise.

With the simple formality and ceremony over, the campfire began and the fun started! There were performances, games, lots of singing and dancing. It wasn’t the same as during my time ….. but it’s a different era ….. (I Confess : It make me feel a bit old)

There were quite a bunch of us old boy scouts, ranging from different age bands. After the campfire, we stayed back for a great catch up and enjoying the snacks and drinks. Great plans are presently being planned for our 85th Anniversary in 2007 !

Some sneak previews for my fellow Dragon Old Boys ….. :
(1) 85th Anniversary Grand Campfire
(2) 85th Anniversary Dinner
(3) 85 years “history textbook” with CD for history learning
(4) Others TBA

I would be involved in certain areas of this massive project (photography + other TBA) and it would be a great honour to be involved in such a unique and exclusive Scouting event that not many Scout Groups in Singapore can stand up and testify their pride, greatness and history! I was involved in the 70th Anniversary in 1993 as a Patrol Leader during my year in Secondary 4.

To all the Dragon Scout Old Boys of all generations, keep a look out in the forums for the updates and my blog for updates and pictures of our ongoing Dragon Chapter activities and upcoming massive 2007 calender of events !

Onward Dragon Scouts !

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