Introducing – Solo Backpacking Holiday to Tokyo, Japan 2004

G’day Folks,

Thanks to those who are reading this chapter now. As I promised earlier in my earlier postings, I would be starting off with my solo backpacking holiday to Tokyo, Japan in 2004.

I have not decided on the format that I would adopt to tell people on my travel stories, should it be a day-to-day presentation style or based on events/locations presentation style? Would look at Tania’s travel blog for inspiration. Do take a look at her travel blog too !

While I take some time to decide on a personal style, I would let the pictures do the talking, “A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Folks, sit back and relax and enjoy ……

Presenting …..

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  1. haha..surprised to see you mentioning me in your blog..thanks for the publicity dude!

    my ‘exploitz’ page isn’t exactly a blog..just a place to share some of my travel pics w friends/travelholics!!

    me only shooting w a idiotproof dummy digital cannot compare w you guys who are the professionals..using professional equipment!

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