Is Photography a Lonely Business ?

Photography had been an integral part of my life since I was a young boy, influenced by my dad’s Pentax film SLR, and my uncles and cousins too. Even though it was only in the past 3-4 years that I began to take photography more seriously and exploring into different fields and becoming a freelance/semi-professional photographer, I am still at heart, a great enthusiastic.

Is Photography a Lonely Business ? Or even as a hobby ? Sometimes, it is very true, however, you can find people of the same interests and make more new friends too !

I chanced upon this wonderful blog called Photopreneur, from the MyBlogLog Community and read an article on 22 Joint Venture Ideas for Photographers, I find their website to be of great interest, knowledge and sharing for all photographers. Do drop in and have a look, they have great articles and sharing !

Enjoy your photography, folks !


  1. informative article. it’s helpful to me.

  2. Glad that this article is informative and helpful to you !

    Do drop by often !

  3. Every business is different if we speak a different language!

  4. I strongly think that photography is a means of expression another communicative way to the external world so for me photography is most certainly a thing that I do alone something that will only trigger when its me My EOS and my lenses.

  5. Hi footiam, your comment is very true ! Thanks for your enlightenment !

  6. Hi reubenc

    Indeed, photography to us is a very special and unique form of communication of our heart and soul to the external world, and sometimes, it is very true on your point that it is sometimes being alone that allows us to bring out the best in photography !

  7. I am new to photography. How much can a photographer earn per month?

  8. Hi Jayce, how much a photographer can earn per month varies from as low as $200 per assignment to 5 digit figures per assignment.

    Take 1 step at a time, enjoy your photography and once you are ready, you would be able to set your rates.

    Hope it helps !

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