Mid Autumn Festival 2007 @ West Coast Park

中秋节 25th September 2007 


The night was brightly lighted up with a full moon in the dark sky, 25th September is 2007 Mid Autumn Festival. It was a time whereby there would be many different lanterns and mooncakes available for all to enjoy. Mid Autumn Festival celebrations have changed with time, the lanterns today are very fanciful with many different designs and patterns. Mooncakes have become more unique, packing in many different styles, types, packaging and tastes.

It’s been a while since I was writing & posting something here, this evening, I went to my neighbourhood park, West Coast Park and there were quite a number of people of all ages, happily playing with their lanterns and having a nice evening chill out/family gathering/couples time under the bright full moon. There were families, friends in different size groups, couples and a soloist like me lugging a DSLR w/ my Crumpler sling bag.

It was a quiet and fruitful time for me, being able to take photographs again, had been caught up with my work and strategic planning/mind mapping for the past few weeks. West Coast Park had transformed into a peaceful environment for me to relax and relieve stress and pressure. The former beach had been transformed into a beautiful promenade made up of breakwater granite boulders. When I go for my night running, I would always head towards there to cool down and enjoy the sea breeze and night scenery. Currently, it is about 80% complete, there is still another segment of the promenade path leading towards the jetty that is still under construction and the shelters along the promenade are almost completed.

Hope everybody had a fun Mid Autumn Festival 2007 with lots of mooncakes and lanterns!


  1. I miss those mooncake festival.

  2. G’day Stanley,

    Thanks mate, for dropping by my blog. Hope you can create your own mooncake festival or other different festivals in Melbourne. I know how you feel as I studied in Uni of QLD from 1998 to 2002 and I missed festivals back home.

    Great blogs you have, would navigate all of them soon!!

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