Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations with Walter @ Marina Bay

Mooncakes and beautiful lanterns, an integral part of Mid Autumn Festival, one of my favourite festivals and always something I look forward to, taking photos of the lanterns and lights, soaking in the festive mood, and enjoying the peaceful nights under the beautiful moon light. For this year 2011, with a busy schedule, I have yet to visit the Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations at Clarke Quay, Singapore River and Chinatown, I hope to visit these locations soon and share them with my readers.

There as a Mid Autumn Festival Celebration organised by Marina Bay Singapore and I was kindly invited to come down and join them in the fun and celebrations on Saturday, 10th September, held at the Marina Bay City Gallery, with a host of interesting and fun activities and events. I couldn’t be there for all the events due to my participation at Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011. Therefore, I reached just in time for the the lanterns walkabout, although I would love to carry a lantern and become a kid again carrying the lantern, however, armed with my DSLR and taking photographs, I couldn’t carry the lantern to play with it, something that I would lik to do!

It was a short walk to Marina Bay Sands, for a rest and relaxing time to watch the Wonder Full – Light and Water Show on the water in front of Marina Bay Sands, check out  my photographs of the show here! After the show, we walked back to the Marina Bay City Gallery for mooncakes. While the rest of the participants were enjoying the mooncakes, I was busy checking out Walter the Colossal Rabbit ! I would to thank Marina Bay for the invitation and I had a great time there! For more photographs of the Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations, check them out here on Flickr!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Today is the 15th Day of the 8th Lunar Month! 

Wishing all a Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2011 ! 


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