Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011

A photography community event competition, based on 3 different themes and a short timeline to finish shooting and submitting, this is Canon PhotoMarathon, my 2nd time participating with my maiden Canon PhotoMarathon in 2008 ! The themes made this photography event very interesting, exciting and special, check out the Canon PhotoMarathon 2008 themes when I was participating in 2008 !

This year, I was with a group of photography friends, Sue, Amanda and met Andy for the first time, we were there as a group shooting the themes together for Canon PhotoMarathon 2011. Spotted many other friends too from the social media/blogging community and my juniors from Dragon Scout Group! It wasn’t just about shooting photographs, challenging our creativity and photography and going for the prizes, it’s also about enjoying the art of photography, making new friends, observing and learning from other photographers style, perspective and composition. During our PhotoMarathon, we had a number of tea and meal breaks, relaxing and taking photos at the same time!

What are the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011 ?

Theme 1 : Eat

Theme 2 : Circle

Theme 3 : Imagine

Nothing short of challenging themes, sometimes a simple word is just as difficult and a “difficult” word is just as wide in your imagination to capture an image. My photograph submissions for the above themes were those few and reflecting on my Canon PhotoMarathon 2011, it’s another humbling and enriching experience for me, learning from different photographers perspective and composition.

It’s about the topic on creativity, in photography and in life too, something that I am lacking in and it might take a while to induce the creativity inside me or I am really not too much of a creative person. The photography works submitted had a number of eye opening and powerful photographs that showcase their unique creativity and interpretation of the themes. The Canon PhotoMarathon photography event is a great way for me to train and improve my creativity (in photography and life too) and it would be great that I based on abstract or special meaningful themes to photograph while I am outside on photography walkabout!

Check out the winners and their winning works at Canon Be Empowered facebook page! Do check out my other photographs from Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011 too!


  1. Love the first pic, three different expression keke

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  4. Jinghui says:

    Hi sengkangbabies

    Yeah, the first photo, with all the different expressions, sure is funny & priceless! Nice to meet u at the Canon Photomarathon too!

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