For the past few years, I had heard of the Canon PhotoMarathon and saw many photographers uploading their works in this competition and having lots of fun. My cousin would always share with me his experiences and fun in the past PhotoMarathons and I wanted to take part and experienced it for myself.

Therefore, this year 2008, I decided to enter myself into the Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore, it was an exciting event for me, my first real experience in competitive photography shooting, very different from taking up paid assignments ! Canon PhotoMarathon had evolved into a regional photography event, with countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines and the number of participants had always and constantly increased over the years.

After the morning registration, we paid and collected our Canon PhotoMarathon 2008 shirt, very nice shirt ! Thereafter, we went for breakfast before returning back to Suntec City Convention Centre for the rulesand regulations, participants photo taking and announcement of the First Theme !

The 3 Themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2008 were :

(1) Theme 1 : Change

(2) Theme 2 : Dreams

(3) Theme 3 : Freedom

It was a real test of my photography creativity and thinking. I would be writing up more of my selected and submitted photos for my 3 Themes in later posts, after absorbing the experiences, reflections in today’s PhotoMarathon. There was also sharing by Tristan, a professional photographer on taking photos, that struck a chord in me – We are too caught up in taking the perfect photo that we missed out on the beautiful and wonderful moments that our heart and photographic eye can do for us.

Besides the routine downloading of your selected photos, there were the EOS 1D Mk III and the giant telephoto lense EF 800mm !!! I had done some tests on them, it was simply awesome !!!! How often do you get to try out an 800mm lense !!

Please do drop by my Flickr site for more photos !

At the end of the day, it was great fun and a wonderful experience ! For those who thought of about attending this event, do go for it ! You will not regret !

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