There were 3 themes at the recently completed Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2008, I had to confess that, the 3 themes were very challenging and I am not creative enough. Before proceeding further, let me share with all my readers on my themes submission

Theme 1 – Change

Theme 2 – Dreams

Theme 3 – Freedom (Not Submitted)

Reflecting on my maiden adventure, my first photography competition, it was a great eye-opener for me. Having taken up paid assignments in weddings and events, the feeling, thoughts and emotions were very different. There was a sharing by Tristan, a professional photographer, who would be bringing the overall winner to New Zealand for photography trip, he got me thinking,

“Am I looking and trying to capture a perfect photograph?”

Well, the truth is there is no PERFECT PHOTO ……………..

Seems like in my quest in my maiden photography competition, I put aside my 2 extreme importance factors that makes a photograph good or world class

Passion for anything Photography

– Eye for Photography

If you are a photographer, you would definitely understand what I am writing here……

It’s time to relieve the passion and eye for photography, enjoying what photography can do, for leisure, recreation and how it can impact a person’s life.

Moving foward, what and how can my photography make an impact to a person’s life ?

This is what that will get me taking my photography to another level that I always wanted to, and I would do it with my photojournalistic blog.


  1. “Moving foward, what and how can my photography make an impact to a person’s life ?”

    I really look up to those who risk their life taking photos of protesters, war time and face to face with death. Those photos certainly have a great impact to millions of people through generations. Maybe you can do something close to that? XP hehehe joking lah so dangerous =P

  2. Author

    Hi Eunice,

    Thanks for the idea and inspiration ! 😉

    Lots of challenges and different types of risks involved !

  3. Not easy for those who risk life and limb photographing the real world that some of us don’t get to see everyday…I don’t think I am ready for this kind of experience right now but I have always wondered what it feels like snapping at war zones, violent protests. I don’t wanna risk my camera being smashed or confiscated though…hehhhe.

  4. Author

    It’s never going to be easy, maybe down the road, you would find the inspiration to go beyond your photography to impact people’s life 🙂

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