Mint Showcase II – Media Preview

Mint Leong, she’s a very bubbly, very friendly and very nice little girl. I remembered her when I first met her during Singapore Social Media Day 2011, whereby I was helping out in a photography sharing session and she was part of the organising committee. Mint also performed during Singapore Social Media Day 2011 too with her singing, mesmerising the crowds with her vocals and talent. Meeting her and listening to her singing for the first time, I felt that she had a great music and singing talent inside her.


Photograph courtesy of Mint Leong 

Recently, Mint invited me to her upcoming Mint Showcase II – Media Preview, performed at All About Eve Bar. Mint and her band performed 6 songs from her upcoming Mint Showcase II during the Media Preview, giving her loyal friends and supporters a glimpse of her upcoming Mint Showcase II concert. Listening to Mint and her band performing, it was really awesome and I liked it a lot! I am a supporter of music rock bands that play in pubs, the feeling of live rock unplugged music. Mint and her band’s singing reminds me of the good old days of 新谣 (xin yao) music, with artists like 梁文福, Eric Moo etc … Their music and songs sings into our heart and soul.

During her Mint Showcase II – Media Preview, I didn’t take many photographs because my photography gear were at another location in preparation for my evening photo shoot event. After her rousing performance, I had to rush off and couldn’t stay behind and chat with Mint, as well as fellow friends from the social media/blogging scene.

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Photograph Courtesy of Mint Leong

Mint shared the history and beginnings of Mint Showcase II –

The humble beginnings of Mint Showcase started in January 2011, when Mint and Band performed for a sold-out crowd of 100. Mint Showcase I consisted of 10 original songs, all of which were written & composed by Mint herself. Mint and Band would like to thank everyone who helped to make Mint Showcase I possible.

Following the success of Mint Showcase I, Mint and Band started preparation for Mint Showcase II, 5 months before the actual performance dates. Mint Showcase II promises to be bigger and better than the first. This time round, they are performing a total of 12 songs, comprising of 6 originals from Mint Leong  (from Mint Showcase I),  1 original from Desmond Wong and 5 cover songs with the theme, Dreams & Support: 我是一只鱼,感动天感动地,我的未来不是梦,你还是要幸福 and 红蜻蜓。All the performing songs are produced & arranged by Won, the owner of All About Eve Bar.


Here are the details for Mint Showcase II 

Dates:                      12th (Saturday) and 13th (Sunday) of January 2013

Time:                       1pm to 4pm on both days

Venue:                     All About Eve Bar

144 Arab Street #02-01, Singapore 199829

(Opposite Golden Landmark Hotel)

Ticket Prices:      Online purchase $22.00 per ticket (for 1 day),

At the door on performance days $25.00 per ticket (for 1 day)

Visit to register for your tickets online.

For more in-depth information of Mint Showcase II, do drop by Mint’s blogpost here! Mint is a great local music talent and let’s all support our local music talent, spread the word and share with your friends about Mint Showcase II happening soon!

I would like to wish Mint and her band all the best for her upcoming Mint Showcase II !! Your heart, voice, musical talent and passion will shine through during your Mint Showcase II performance !! You will rock the scene and house down !! 


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