Mustang Singapore by Grinder-Man @ Flipside Festival

After watching a great acoustic guitar unplugged performance at the Esplanade Concourse, I went out to the Waterfront Canopy to catch another performance, that was something mysterious to me based on the brochure and description on the Esplanade website.

Well, I was blown away by their intriguing performances, unique and very different from the various artists performances during the Flipside Festival at the Esplanade. There were lots of movements, artists with their black boxes on their heads, in perfect choreography and movements, knowing their routes, movements, dances and actions.

The Hardwarezone Forum link gave a very good description of the Mustang Singapore performance, “ GRINDER-MAN is an art performance group that creates audacious happenings combining contemporary art and continuous motion in locations ranging from art museums and galleries to concert halls and clubs. To date they have performed in New York, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, Rome, Cologne, and Paris.

Well, further research into this awesome group, led me to their webs
ite and it dawned upon me that it was an international performing artist group. It had been some wonderful weeks of artistic performances and I was glad to enjoy and view different world wide artists performances during the Esplanade Flipside Festival 2008.

Do drop by my flickr site and take a look at my other selected photos of Mustang Singapore by GRINDER-MAN !


  1. WOW!!! Great pics. You sure know how to have a good time. 😀


  2. Hi hi JJ !

    It was a great artistic performance and I enjoyed myself and had a good time !

    Thanks for dropping by and appreciate your kind comments !

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