My 1st Official Actual Day Wedding Photographer

Having entered into photography using my Dad’s Pentax manual SLR and Nikon SLR F401X film days in my early years and teens, it had been many years of photography journey. However, it was only in the past 3 years, when my Dad bought Canon EOS 300D, it got me back into serious photography again.

Over the past 3 years, my photography experiences improved by leaps and bounds, experimenting into new fields of photography. My passion for photography, travel and writing are the key factors in the creation of my photojournalism blog. I also had undertaken various assignments e.g. functions, events, portraits, ROM Ceremony, Wedding Dinners and finally my first official assignment as the Actual Day Wedding Photographer.

I would like to thank Wen Liang and Portia, for giving me the opportunity to be their Actual Day Wedding Photographer, their belief and trust in my photography skills and experience were a great testimonial to my exponential photography advancements. I would also like to thank Dave Koh of Espoir Bridal whom I have worked with in a number of assignments recently.

Folks, for my maiden 200th blog posting, I would like to present some of my works from my recent photography assignment as the Actual Day Wedding Photographer……

It was a great day of fun, enjoyable and learning photography experience for me ! A memorable and unforgetable maiden experience as an Actual Day Wedding Photographer…… Priceless …… Still have to learn though ……..

With this 200th posting, I would like to sincerely say THANK YOU ! to all my readers, who have been following my photojournalism blog all this while. Your support is greatly appreciated !


  1. Thank U ! Nice to see you dropping by ! Appreciate your support !

  2. Wish you luck, and support what you do.

  3. Hi Bryan ! Thanks for dropping by and greatly appreciate your well wishes and support !

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