Updates + Preview to my next post, my 200th post

During the past few weeks, there were a few events and holidays happening in Singapore. As much as I would like to attend all the major events and enjoyed the holidays, somethings things in life weren’t always smooth and goes according to plan, therefore, we must always be ready and be prepared for any changes.

Missed 2 major events
– Chingay 2008 : Didn’t manage to get the ticket in time, as well as finding myself wanting a ticket but couldn’t get and people having tickets and giving it away…… ironic ….. that’s life.
– Airshow 2008: Same, didn’t manage to get the ticket in time, however, with the various forum topics and discussions on the crowd control and transportation issue, it’s a really big challenge to be stuck in that situation.

Postponed photoshoot projects (personal)
– During the Chinese New Year long weekend holiday period, I was planning to visit Singapore (mainland) last kampong (aka village) and arranging for a car portfolio photoshoot, however, there were incidents happening during that time, demoralising me and I didn’t go ahead instead. Well, things happen and we must learn to adapt to events and changes.

Preview to my 200th posting
Looking at the dashboard of my blogspot, this post would be 199th. Next post would be my 200th post ! It’s a long journey towards my 200th post and this blog had grown a lot, in many areas e.g. increased international viewership (thanks to all my international readers !), higher readership than 1 year ago, improving my photography skills, making new friends from blogging and networking.

Folks, without much ado, my 200th post would be a write up on my first official Wedding Actual Day Photographer !

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