N.E.mation! 10 Top 20 Super Pitch!

This is the 10th edition of N.E.mation!, a movement that I had been covering and supporting since the 6th edition in various areas from attending stop motion workshops, to supporting their various events and activities! It was great to be back again covering year 2015 edition of N.E.mation!

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N.Emation! gives the young students a great opportunity and platform to learn and showcase animation, digital media, videography etc etc. Besides that, the young students gain life, industry and working skills, knowledge and experiences through their pitching, public speaking, innovation and team work! N.E.mation! is an awesome, enriching and great learning experience for the students. The amount of time and effort in preparing, planning, rehearsing and presenting their ideas, digital animation flow and creativity that the students presented were amazing and priceless. They were not just done with presenting, the students had to face a series of challenging questions, views and comments from the panel of judges.




All these experiences will definitely build up the students’ character and provide invaluable and priceless “society” learning experiences as they grow up to be young adults in society some years down the road. For all the things the students had done and went through during the Top 20 Super Pitch, I salute all of them and congratulate them on a job well done!




When I was watching, observing, covering and documenting N.E.mation! Top 20 Super Pitch, I sat through the pitch and presentations by 10 secondary schools from 1pm to 4pm. They were students around the ages of 13 to 15 and they were amazing, standing in front of the judges, presenting their stories, thoughts, ideas and workflow. Some of them were heartwarming and touching to the hearts, some were creative and spontaneous. All of them were unique and special, in their own style and presentation, on a personal level and group level.




From the Top 20, 10 of the teams had already been chosen and they will now prepare for the final run! Remember to check out N.E.mation!, follow them and keep up to the date with their updates via the various social media channels and platforms

Congrats to the Top 10 teams! Good luck and all the best in the final run to the become the Top team of N.E.mation! 10!

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