New Permanent Galleries – A New Look, A New Experience

Singapore’s historical and iconic 128 years old National Museum of Singapore, underwent major redevelopment since 2006. This year 2015, Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Year, the National Museum of Singapore marks another milestone in the Museum’s transformation since 2006 with the re-opening of the Permanent Galleries to the public once again on 19th September 2015.



Not only were there major redevelopments, the National Museum of Singapore begun to further and better engage the public, both Singaporeans and visitors alike, through many festivals, events and social media. The new Permanent Galleries at the National Museum of Singapore are going to provide visitors with a very interactive, engaging, story telling, personal and emotional experiential experiences. Visitors young and old, to the new Permanent Galleries, there are something for them. For the older generation, it’s going back in time to their childhood and adult days, in the early days of Singapore. This would be a good idea and bonding time with their grandchildren to let them learn more and experience the times that their grandparents went through. As for the younger generation, this would be a great way to learn about Singapore’s early history, culture and transformation.

Let me bring you through a tour of the new Permanent Galleries at the National Museum of Singapore, through my short stories and photographs, for a day at the National Museum of Singapore –

Singapore History Gallery

Take a walk, for an interactive and engaging time to view, feel and understand more in-depth of Singapore’s history, through four distinct eras, Singapura (1299–1818), Crown Colony (1819–1941), Syonan-To (1942–1945), and Singapore (1945 to the present). The Singapore History Gallery allows the visitors to have a multi-sensory and participatory experience via the use of audio-visual multimedia and an interactive map in the Global City section.

IMG_1314 (1)

There are some amazing historical artifacts, photographs and replicas inside the Singapore History Gallery. When I was walking through the History Gallery, it was immersive and engaging for the mind and soul. It dawned upon me that Singapore’s history goes way back in time even before her independence in 1965 and there were many more information, history and culture of Singapore that we do not really know about, especially on the Singapura era (1299–1818) and Crown Colony (1819–1941).


There are only four distinct sections in the Singapore History Gallery, yet there are many things to view and learn. I believe each and every visitor will have a favourite section during their visit to the History Gallery. One of my favourite setion is at the end of the History Gallery, where there is an old HDB flat mock up and a big tree with sounds of birds chirping. These two segments striked a chord inside my heart and soul, my growing up years and my love for nature and outdoors.



Oh yes, before I bring you to the other segments of the new Permanent Galleries, remember to spot this World War II tank inside the Singapore History Gallery!


Life in Singapore: The Past 100 Years

On the second level of the National Museum of Singapore, that is where the other Permanent Galleries are located. What was the lifestyle, culture and society like in Singapore, the life in Singapore that our forefathers, our grandparents (and great grandparents) lived in?

Modern Colony (1925 – 1935)

The colonial days in Singapore when she started the first step towards becoming a “modern city” in the colonial times.


Surviving Syonan (1942 – 1945)

The World War II was a period of suffering for Singapore and walking inside this gallery, we can learn more about the resourcefulness and resilience of people who endured the Japanese Occupation through their personal accounts.


Growing Up (1955 – 1965)

The period of growing up in Singapore, through the eyes of a child growing up alongside the nation. Although I wasn’t born in this era, it was very nostalgic for me because I spotted the childhood games that I grew up playing with e.g. marbles, slingshot, badminton, cycling (when there were no internet, smartphones, computers and social media).


Voices of Singapore (1975 – 1985)

The Voices of Singapore showcases the creativity and self-expression in arts and culture through the Singaporens stories and experiences that created the Singaporean identity, the spirit of multi-racial diversity, social resilience and shared values that make up the Singaporean identity and character.


The new Permanent Galleries in the National Museum of Singapore is very refreshing, interactive, engaging and it’s new! I strongly encourage everyone to visit the National Museum of Singapore and take a walk through Singapore’s timeline at the new Permanent Galleries. It promises to be an enriching and engaging experience for all, young and old.

It’s time for A Night (Day) at the Museum !

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