A One Tree Hill in Singapore

I came, I explored, I found my Lone Tree. Standing there strong and proud, even though it was struck by lightning. Will I be like this Lone Tree, like my One Tree Hill that I always seek to find.

This lone tree in the North-East part of Singapore, in the suburbs of Punggol HDB housing estate, in this park known as the Punggol Waterway Park. The Lone Tree was passionately known as the Instagram Tree, popular with instagrammers and photographers, wanting to get a shot of the Lone Tree.


She was struck by lightning and now faced an uncertain future. Yet, she is still standing tall and proud, weathering against the winds, rain and sun. The significance of a Lone Tree a.k.a One Tree Hill had a deep impact inside me since I captured the One Tree Hill scene in Hokkaido. This One Tree Hill is still a shining star even though she doesn’t look like her previous glory days, she stands undefeated given the trials and tribulations that she went through. Life for some of us, has a similar story line to it too, we all faced our own trials and tribulations too. Sometimes we get defeated and fell to the ground, it’s up to us (sometimes with some help and encouragement from our loved ones, family and friends) to pick ourselves up to continue fighting and moving forward. That’s where we all learn the University of Life.

The Lone Tree brings meaning to different groups of people, for me as a photographer, it’s like a pillar, a beacon, a tall guiding post to rally and lead. As a mentor and a friend, when the journey gets tough, the tough gets going, I want to be the beacon, the pillar of strength to help people pick themselves up, continue fighting and moving forward.

This is a journey, my photography journey.

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