Navy Open House 2010

The Navy Open House 2010, was a fun weekend for families and children from 22nd to 23rd May 2010, at Changi Naval Base. Different ships of the Singapore Navy was docked for viewing by the public and it attracted quite a lot of crowds queuing up for it. Met up with Xinyun, Amanda & Leon on a saturday morning, we went exploring around the various ships and were shutter happy, watching performance by the Naval Diving Unit too.

Although the weather wasn’t kind, the clouds were dark and raining, the chance for clear blue skies was gone, however, we made the best of it and continued walking around slowly taking different photographs. Having visited Navy Open House 2007 before, visiting the ships wasn’t my priority and I was just having as much fun chatting with my photography friends in the rain, had a great time with them.

There were many events and activities for all ages, informative booths and fun rides. Although I didn’t take as much photos like before, the group of friends I was with, made it fun and with me lending Xinyun my Canon 50mm f1.8 lens for her to test, it became a time for shooting portraits. When the sky clears and brightens up, a small rainbow appeared in the sky, small yet beautiful.

A short event at Navy Open House 2010, fun and enjoyable ! Do check out my other photographs here !


  1. Author

    Yes, we have military forces in Singapore, the army, navy and air force 🙂

  2. Author

    Yes, indeed. They are the elite naval divers !

  3. I think Armed Forces in this country is really good. They have enough facilities plus the fact that their soldiers were well-trained.

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